The Worlds Best Dinner Party // WeFiFo + Epsom Supper Club

One of the biggest complaints from people that live in Surrey is the lack of independently owned and run restaurants serving amazing food. Granted me have a handful and the ones we do have are amazing, but it wouldn’t take you long to work your way through them all and then be left with the chains. Well WeFiFo is changing that, and the way we go out to eat all together. 


Started just over a year ago, WeFiFo (We Find Food) is bringing together people that love to cook and people that love to eat! It’s a supper club hub where you can either search for supper clubs in your area or search for a specific type of food, pick a date, pay online and then have a hassle free, fabulous meal cooked in someone’s beautiful home with great company. It’s the perfect way to experience some new types of food in a relaxed environment and meet some great new friends. 


It almost sounded too good to be true, so WeFiFo invited us down to their Epsom supper club to try the whole experience out ourselves. 

It was ridiculously easy to book online with our “cookies” (their online currency) and gave you all the information you needed, from the menu to the skill level of the chef and of course the necessary details like time and date, the most important detail…..that it was BYO! 


We arrived at Charles and Laura’s (our hosts for the evening) beautiful home just as the heavens opened. The original plan had been to enjoy some delicious welcome drinks out on the deck in the sunshine, but as we all know, the English weather can never be trusted. After the initial introductions and reminding ourselves of what was on the menu, we all took our seats, eagerly awaiting our first of 4 courses.




We were wow’d from the start! Out came the delicious smoky sweetcorn soup with crumbled feta, chilli & coriander salsa and an incredible selection of homemade breads. I’m not usually a fan of feta, but I honestly could have eaten that soup all night. The flavours and textures worked so perfectly together. And it was just the right amount to entice us for the next course.



Spring salad of asparagus, rocket, broad beans, radishes, ricotta and a buttermilk herb dressing was served next, and I actually think this might have been my favourite course! I really need to ask Laura for the recipe. It was the perfect counterpart to the first course which was thick and warming. This was so light, fresh and creamy with the ricotta and buttermilk dressing really bringing the dish together.



At this point its safe to say I was already very impressed by what Laura had produced, and well and truly a WeFiFo advocate. The evening was running without a hitch, the food was of better quality than some of the restaurants I’ve been to, the company was top notch and we were only half way through!

The main of braised Moroccan style lamb with chickpeas & preserved lemon, jewelled cous cous and spiced roasted butternut squash was promptly brought out and the table went almost silent as we all dug in. I always say when people stop talking to eat, it’s the sign of great food! The lamb was incredible and had clearly been cooked for hours as it simply melted in your mouth. The jewelled cous cous also gave amazing little explosions of flavour as you chomped down on a pomegranate seed. It was all delicious. 



I was well and truly stuffed to the brim when dessert was brought out, but there was no way I could say no to rhubarb, strawberry and almond torte with homemade lemon meringue ice cream and a strawberry rhubarb & elderflower sauce. The homemade ice cream was out of this world! Perfectly sharp, it even had little piece of meringue in it, to die for!


And just when we thought Laura couldn’t possibly produce anothing thing, out came the chocolate salami, which is far nicer than it sounds! A Heston Blumenthal type dish that looks like one thing but throws your brain off completely when you taste it. Chocolate, amaretti biscuits, amaretti and some chopped fig was all rolled together, dusted with icing sugar and strung up to make it look like real salami, but couldn’t be further from it!


The night was perfect. And for only £35 each, the most incredible value. We made some new friends, ate to the point of explosion and all in the most homely, relaxed environment. I really can’t recommend it enough. Make sure you check out WeFiFo to see what other amazing supper clubs they have near you, there’s too much to choose from not to! Or if you’re a budding chef, get yourself listed and start making some cash.

2 thoughts on “The Worlds Best Dinner Party // WeFiFo + Epsom Supper Club

  1. Hi Brooke, I just wanted to say how pleased I am that you enjoyed my supper club! It’s so good to receive feedback after the event and my only regret is that you didn’t get better weather on the night so you could have enjoyed a drink out in the garden instead of having pouring rain!
    I’ll send you over the salad recipe as soon as I get a chance and hope you try it sometime. Thanks, Laura xx


    • Hi Laura,
      Your so sweet! The night was honestly incredible. Your such a fantastic chef. Thank you so much for having us, will have to make sure we come back and see you again at one of your other events.
      If you could send the recipe it would be greatly appreciate! I’m sure i wont be able to do it as much justice as you did, but it was too delicious not to try! Brooke xx


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