Escaping to France // Thanks to Volvo pt1

Hands up who read my post about my first meditation session and the beautiful new volvo!?…………..No? Well go do it now! Its right here. For anyone that missed it, Volvo were helping people “escape the city, in the city” with a variety of different activities.
Well, with a little assistance from the amazing team at Volvo, they actually helped me escape the city for real and head down to Tilques in France for a long weekend away.


Having spoken to the Volvo team at their event, I mentioned that I was planning a little get away to France, and they kindly offered to lend me an amazing brand new V40 for the weekend for us to explore with. The car was flawless and so lovely to drive. Its the perfect size for couples or families looking to get away for the weekend with 5 seats to fit everyone in and ample boot space. We packed the car full to the brim with suitcases, tennis rackets, picnic baskets and a ton of other unnecessary bits we really didn’t need, just because we could and then set off for Dover!



The cars in built sat nav made it so easy for us to figure out our route with its “points of interest” feature, meaning we didn’t even need to know the address! An hour and a half later and not even one notch of petrol used and we were boarding the ferry.




And 90mins after that, we touched ground in Calais. After reminding ourselves to drive on the other side of the road, we began exploring! Having the V40 made life so much easier and meant we really could drive around and see another side to Calais. We stumbled across a lovely little french market where we picked up some supplies before grabbing breakfast in the sun.





Once we were properly fuelled we decided to go and have a look at the beautiful clock tower in the centre of town. Sadly it was shut so we could only see it from the outside. But it was truly spectacular.



Seeing as we had the amazing V40, we decided we may as well take a drive up to Dunkirk along the coast, grab an ice cream and have a look round before heading to our hotel. The drive up was so beautiful, we couldn’t help but make a couple of stops along the way.




Once we had finished exploring we started the drive down to our hotel so we could get check in, have a nosy around and then try and find somewhere in town for dinner.


Our hotel was stunning. Set in the most beautiful grounds with roaming peacocks, it truly was escaping the city!



After a quick nap (we were up at 5am!) we drove into the super quaint town of Saint Omer for dinner at Le St Charles.  Parking down the narrow cobbled streets was made so much easier by the V40’s reverse sensors and rear view camera.

The food at Le St Charles was amazing! We went for the Menu Gourmet, 3 courses for €31 each. Snails and Foie Gras to start followed by Lamb and Beef for main.





We were stuffed to the brim by the end, so much so that we got our desserts to go!

As we had had a super early start, we decided to get an early night so we were fresh for the following day when the rest of the gang arrived.

Keep an eye out for day 2’s post!

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