It was the Summer of ’17 // Summer round up

I appreciate I’ve been a terrible blogger. It’s been a good 6 months since I last posted. I’ve come to realise that I go through phases when it comes to blogging or writing and generally speaking, when the weather is lovely and I’ve got a ton going on, sadly blogging tends to fall at the waistline.

I did it a couple of summers ago and I did it again this year. I think I also put a lot of pressure on myself and once I miss a couple of posts and they start to build up, it becomes more and more overwhelming and then not fun anymore, which defeats the whole point in it. Having some technical issues with my laptop also hasn’t helped, but a workman should never blame his tools.

So, to try and get me back into the swing of things and considering I have about 4 months’ worth of content, I’ve decided to do a bit of a summer roundup of all the cool bits that’ve happened while I’ve been away.

Personal: – Moved in with Ed & celebrated our 3-year anniversary

Probably the biggest change that happened to me personally this summer was the fact that I moved in with my boyfriend Ed! I flew the nest of my beloved house huns and the prison and moved in with a boooooy! It’s been pretty smooth sailing so far, so much so that we are even considering emigrating elsewhere in the world next year, but more to come on that as and when it gets confirmed. We also celebrated our 3-year anniversary together which was very exciting. It was Ed’s turn to plan this year and it’s safe to say he bloody smashed it. He organised a private plane ride around London that was simply incredible.



– 2 sets of my very good friends got engaged and 1 lot even got married

The first wedding happened. It was one of Eds really close friends from school to be fair, with him being a couple of years older means his friends are that bit closer to those exciting ceremonies. However, it seems my friends are too far behind because 2 sets of couples got engaged this summer which was so exciting!! It’s making me feel very grown up that people are getting to this stage in their lives, but it’s such an amazing new chapter for them all.




Trips: – I went on a ton of great trips, some of which I got enough content to do separate posts, so I didn’t, so I’ve listed the ones below that I didn’t get quite enough for!

Stoke Park

I got to go on an amazing trip with work over to the beautiful Stoke Park. They treated us like royalty with a free overnight stay in The Pavilion building plus a dinner to die for in their fine dining restaurant, Humphry’s. We were giving a full tour of the stunning and vast facilities on offer to guests.   





– Poland

The whole motley crew and I decided to pop over to Krakow to visit our favourite au pair for a long weekend away. My mum and I had been to Poland before a few years back, but this was a much more fun trip with everyone in tow, Ed even flew out and joined us for a quick 48hours stay.  



– Budapest

My mum and I always struggle with what to get each other for birthdays, so this year, rather than buying something for the sake of it, we decided to take a trip instead! We booked an amazing little air bnb right in the centre of town and spent a long weekend in Budapest. I’ll do a full review in a proper post.


I’m no longer a festival virgin. After a very boozy night, our very good friends Phil and Sarah convinced Ed and I to book tickets to Boomtown with them. We went VIP so I’m sure some will argue that’s not the full festival experience, but it was the best I could do considering I’m really not a camping kind of girl. It was super fun and I think I would go back again, but it was a tad overwhelming for a first timer!






I think day festivals might be the way to go for me. Have all the fun of a normal festival but head home at the end of it and sleep in your proper bed or more importantly wake up hungover in your own bed, not a tent! SW4 was great! We went on the Saturday and the line up was incredible. We had a big old group of us which always helps and we just spent the day running back and forth between different tents. We were lucky the weather was amazing too which always helps.


New restaurant openings I tried: – The Ivy in Cobham

Tucked away at the bottom of the high street in Cobham, a beautiful new restaurant has taken up shop, much to the delight of the locals.

The light and airy new Ivy Brasserie has been decorated perfectly with plush leather booths inside and a stunning courtyard/conservatory that has a fully retractable roof and doors, perfect for the summer. The menu itself is very similar to the other Ivy Brasseries, full of classic British items made with local ingredients. It’s the perfect addition to the list of Surrey hot spots.




The Wigmore

This has been a highlight for my work lot as its conveniently located a stone’s throw away from our office. It’s technically part of the Langham hotel, although with its separate entrance and laid-back luxe feel you wouldn’t necessarily know at first glance.

More of a spot of drinks than a full dinner, it does also offer a full menu plus a great range of snacks that are more than your average bar snack. Their XXL cheese toastie was great and anywhere with a cured meats board is going to be a winner in my eyes!



Tonight Josephine

Possibly one of my fave new openings, this cocktail spot is an instagrammers dream. Blasting 90’s old school tunes and full of amazing neon quotes in lights, it’s everything a girl wants on a Friday night!

The cocktails were great too, many of them coming with “edible extras” which is always a win in my eyes. It’s not the biggest of places so I would definitely recommend booking to avoid being turned away or being crammed at the bar.





A cool new addition to Brixton, Courtesan claims to be a bit of everything. Dim Sum, cocktails, cabaret, opera and a downstairs late night bar/club area.

We went to the re-launch evening and it was great. The dim sum was delish and the performances were on point. If your passing through it’s certainly somewhere you should stop in at.


All in all, I would say that’s probably everything for now! A nice (not so) little round-up of bits while I’ve been gone. I’ll do my best to get back on it now it’s 2018…..maybe I should make that one of my new year’s resolutions!?  

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