Avo lovers rejoice // Avobar

For anyone that isn’t a regular reader of Timeout and hasn’t heard, there’s a great new pop up that’s come to Covent Garden, celebrating our most favourite green food….the avocado. Step forward, AvoBar! 


There’s not a huge amount of background info on the people behind it, but I’m assuming they heard about the amazing success of The Avocado Show in Amsterdam and thought it would also work here. The menu isn’t quite as extensive as The Avocado Show, but to be fair, it’s only a pop-up, so if it becomes a permanent feature I’m sure the menu would grow.


The restaurant itself is situated just round the corner from the main market place in Covent Garden. Its fairly understated inside with a handful of tables and some potted plants for colour, to be expected of a pop-up.



The food obviously doesn’t disappoint though! We ordered a whole host of bits as we wanted to try everything! We started with a couple of Matcha Latte’s, something that I discovered back when I was at T2 for the afternoon. Delicious and warming with the current weather!



Then we both had the cobb salad, followed by the tuna poke bowl and the avo bun burger. Everything was super tasty and really filling.


The tuna poke bowl was a great surprise, I wasn’t expecting huge things from it as it doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, but it was actually delicious. The rice was perfectly seasoned so it was packed full of flavour.


The cobb salad was also great, the mix of textured with the crispy prawns and the soft egg was great. So much more than just a salad.


And of course, the avo bun burger is an instagrammers dream! It tasted great too which always helps!


We finished with an avo brownie, which sadly I wasn’t a fan of. I think if your vegan or gluten-free then it’s probably a great option for you to have something sweet, but personally, being a huge chocolate and specifically brownie fan, it just wasn’t quite right.


I think we can probably all safely say this will become a permanent feature, I’ll be amazed if not, but get yourself down there to try it now just in case. One thing to point out is that they only have a brunch menu all day on a Sunday, regardless of your booking time. So if you want to try the full menu, go Wednesday – Saturday, you won’t be disappointed. 

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