About ME!

Hi I’m Brooke, thanks for stopping by!

I started this blog a while back whilst on a 6 month trip around the world. Sadly that had to draw to an end, but I decided that’s no reason to stop blogging! So now I’m trying my hand at lifestyle blogging to see how I get on! I originally planned on filling these pages with everything from food to fashion and everything in between, however as the blog as evolved its certainly become more food focused. Predominantly recommendation of things to do in Surrey or London and the rest of the world as my travel bug is still going strong.

I work full time as an email marketer at Quintessentially, so this is purely a great hobby for me for now. It’s my little space on the internet to try and share some of the cool places I’ve been able to sample living in both London and Surrey.

None of my posts are sponsored so don’t worry, its just my plain old opinion on things! My plan for now is to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so make sure you check back for my latest post.



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