Getting holiday ready // Beauty by Joanna

As all ladies know, when you’re heading off on holiday, there’s quite a lot of maintenance that has to be arranged before you jet off. And in case I haven’t spoken about it enough already, I’m off on a rather exciting trip tomorrow! Thankfully I had the amazing Beauty by Joanna on hand to help.


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Want It Wednesday – Kate Spade Sunnies

I have always moaned about how i was cursed with expensive taste and a low budget. It’s the story of my life. I’ve never really been able to live within my means, in all aspects of life! Be it restaurants i want to try, items i want to buy or places i want to fly….to. Apologies, that was terrible!


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Jo Hansford Sheer Luxe event

Last week I went to my first ever Sheer Luxe customer event. To be totally honest with you, I can’t even remember how I stumbled across the SheerLuxe website, it had probably been shared on some social media site that I clicked on, but as soon as I did I immediately favorated it, because I knew I’d be checking it regularly daily!

I signed up to both their Daily Breif emails as well as their SheerLuxe daily emails and honestly, I carve out a good half an hour of my day to read both! I love them! So it’s no surprise that I’ve been itching to go to one of their customer events for a while now, but each one so far always seemed to fall on a day I sadly couldn’t do. So when I got the email through about the Jo Hansford event I was just a tad excited!   Jo Hansford

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Joy AW15 Press Day

This year i was privileged enough to get an invite to the Joy AW15 Press Day. As you can imagine, i was super excited! You may remember that i did a post a while back about one of their events they held, so if that was anything to go by, i knew the press day would be great. I have always loved Joy’s stuff, so being given the opportunity to preview their next collection before anyone else had me grinning from ear to ear!


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Joy & The Stylist Shopper event

Last week i was invited to a great event held by Joy and the Stylist. They had teamed up to put on a load of exclusive shopper events up and down the country. So after work i trotted up to Wardour Street to get stuck in.


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The day of LOVE!

Valentines is fast approaching, and everyone knows its usually the day girls are spoiled rotten with chocolate, flowers and jewelry. But what about the poor boys! They (should) put in all that effort so the least we can do is get them a decent gift right!? And we all know how blooming hard it is buying for guys….so here are a few ideas to help you all out. I’ve linked all these images through to the websites so you can purchase any you like the look of.


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My secret obsession

I have a bit of an obsession. Its not a particularly bad one, in terms of things to be obsessed with! I’m sure there are far worse out there, but none the less its safe to say I’m obsessed. What is it you may ask……..I’m obsessed with the Stylist!

stylist magazine

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Top 5 Holiday Essentials

As i may have mentioned just a couple of times, i’m off on holiday!!! And i’m only a little bit excited about it!! So excited in fact that i may have started semi packing already! (I’m not going until tuesday!) I’m usually super organised and have all my bits prepped and ready to go in advance anyway, but even for me this is a little excessive! So as i cant stop thinking about my up coming week in the sun, i figured i would share with you my top 5 holiday essentials!


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Nail’s nail’s nail’s

When i got back from traveling and started working a normal 9-5 job again i didn’t quite know what to do with myself! Before i went away i had been working 3 jobs (68hours a week) to save up. So coming home and having all this spare time in the evening left me craving a new hobby! My obsession with Instagram helped me discover this fantastic girl called Eva, she has the most amazing blog all about nail art, and she’s just incredible! I’ve never know anyone to create such intricate details on such a small surface! Her blog is in Danish, but she’s got everything covered and has a link you can click on that translate it all for you! Anyway, obsessive rant over! Continue reading

Holiday bikini dreams!

So i booked a holiday. And i can not wait! It was all very last min and spontaneous, which is very unlike me! Usually i like to sit for weeks on end researching the best deals and the best areas to go. But the person i’m going with was off skiing today, so it needed to be booked and sorted asap.

So next tuesday I’ll be flying off to Egypt for a whole week to do nothing but lie by the pool and stuff my face. Did i mention i was excited!? Last year i was lucky enough to go on a few lovely holidays, Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York and LA. But amazing as they all were, they were all pretty jam packed. What i usually call activity holidays, not relaxing beach holidays. I intend on this trip being just that! A relaxing beach holiday where very little is done! With that in mind i decided it was about time i invested in a new bikini, something i have ALWAYS had trouble with.

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