Baby Talk

You may remember me mentioning in one of my last posts that at the start of this year i got to meet baby Ivy. Baby Ivy is one of my bestest friends daughter and she’s the first of my closest friends to of had a baby. She’s adorable. Possibly the cutest baby around! She’s so good and has the cutest little button nose i’ve ever seen, and i have three younger siblings that would have given her a serious run for her money on that claim! But just look at her!


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Dry January

I, like I’m sure most of you did, attempted dry January. It didn’t go well! I lasted all of two days before being taken to Proud Cabaret in the City, where i polished off a bottle of wine to myself and proceeded to embarrassingly dance on stage! But thats another story! So i then attempted dry january sunday-thursday. This has gone a little better! I’ve so far managed to resist temptation for mid week cocktails, which anyone that knows me will know is pretty good going for me!


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My 2014!

So its been quite a long time since i last posted (understatement of the year!) so i figured, New Year, now is as good a time as any to dust off the old blog and start posting again. Sadly this time i don’t have any amazing 6 month trip ahead of me, so after some serious inspiration from an amazing blog i’ve been reading i thought id try my hand at lifestyle blogging! Continue reading