Rainforest adventures

We were treated to a lie in this morning before starting our trip up to the rainforest. With our group having shrunk from 37 to a mere 9 we were also down graded from our big coach to a little mini bus!

Our first stop on our way up was for an aborigine experience in a section of the protected rainforest. It started of with a smoke blessing to protect us while in the rainforest and then we began our tour through the forest looking at old style huts made from a special bamboo type plant that was bendy enough to shape the roofs. Our guide also showed us special rocks that they used to break into nuts, almost like an old fashioned version of a missal and porter, as well as some special sandstones that when mixed with a little water and rubbed on a different rock made face paint! It was a very interesting experience. And at the end he even played the digerydoo for us!
Once we were finished we drove for a while longer before coming to a really cool ice cream hut that wasn’t actually ice cream at all! It was like a cross between ice cream and sorbet all home made with fresh fruits from the land that the stand was on. It’s even been voted 5/5 stars by trip advisor which for a tinny stall in the middle of some farm land is very impressive! If your ever near by I would 100% recommend heading up there!

We stopped for lunch in a tinny town where you could tell everyone knew each other and we were getting the odd stare for being the outsiders! Once we had all eaten we carried on our journey towards cape tribulation. We had one more stop before we arrived at our accommodation for the night which was at a beautiful look out. It’s the only place in the world where 2 world heritage sights meet each other, the rainforest and the great barrier reef. It was really beautiful. After a quick photo opp we carried on going to our accommodation.

The place we were staying was similar in style to the lodges at Fraser island only more basic and far more spiders. And I’m not talking little one or just daddy long legs, I’m talking huge fuckers the size of my face in nearly every corner. I’m not going to lie I basically shat myself! The boys thought it would be a great idea to catch a moth and feed it to one of them, I nearly had a heart attack!

Luckily our tour guide decided to take us on a little treck to a river that we were able to swim in. it was a nice distraction from all the spiders! After that we went down to the beach to see exactly where the reef meets the rainforest. We weren’t able to go for a swim though as the jelly fish there are really dangerous so we just took a walk along the beach instead. Our bus driver found some crazy ants that apparently tasted like lemon/lime if you eat them. A couple of the boys had a go, and charlie just licked on to see if it was true, apparently it was!

Once we got back we all got changed an then headed down to dinner. The restaurant was pretty small but still sweet. Once we had all ordered we had to wait quite a long time for our food, but when it came we all agreed it was the BEST meal we had had in the whole of Australia! Once we had finished we told the waiter to tell the chef how much we all loved the food, to which he replied “you can tell him your selves, he’s right there!” and behind the counter we could see just one guy making all the food him self, explained why it had taken a while!!

The next day we were up early again, this time to go jungle surfing, which was basically zip lining through the rainforest. We had loads of fun even though it wasn’t quite what we thought it was going to be! We went down 5 different zip lines with varying heights. And on the last line we were able to go down it upside down which was GREAT!

Once we were done we went on aNother walk through the rainforest and saw some beautiful plants and trees, but to Charlie’s disappointment not much wild life!

Then we all headed back to cairns to say our final goodbyes as our contiki adventure had sadly come to an end.