Making Pad Thai like a pro // Jamie Oliver’s Cooking Class

Every year my lovely house mates and I club together for each other’s birthdays to organise some sort of house activity/outing. The most recent one was for lovely rosy’s birthday where we took her to do one of Jamie Oliver’s Cooking Classes.


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Phuket and koh lanta

We jumped on our boat to Phuket just before lunch time and it took a couple of hours. We made it to our hotel after a long treck with our bags an checked in.

We didn’t do a huge amount while we were in phuket as we had had a few days of partying hard so we wanted to chill a bit, and save some money! We were also quite unlucky with the weather as it rained for a couple of days which meant we did pretty much nothing but play cards!

On our second to last day however we booked in to go to a cooking class. It started just after midday and charlie and I had already picked the dishes we wanted to cook. Charlie learnt how to make a panaeng curry, raad na which is a noodle dish in a thick gravy sauce and dancing fish with green lipstick, don’t ask me why it’s called that, but it was! I learnt how to make a red curry, noodle soup and paad su which is very similar to paad thi but with soy sauce instead of peanut. We were doing the class with 3 other Australian ladies who were all very nice. We started off learning all about different Thai herbs and spices and what each one was used for. We also learnt about different sauces such as light and dark soy and oyster sauce, what goes into them and what they are used for. Once we knew the basics it was time for each of us to make one dish each. Charlie made his raad na and I did my paad su. We were both so surprised at how quick they were to make. Once everyone had made there first dish we all sat down and shared all the food we had made. It was a delicious feast and everyone was swapping notes on how they made their dish. When everyone had finished eating we started cooking our second two dishes. To start with we needed to make the paste which is the base to any Thai curry. First we tried all the different ingredients that go into the paste and then added them all to a pestle and mortar and crushed them all together. Once that was done we could all start cooking. Again the meals were done super quickly and soon enough we were sat down again this time with an even bigger feast!

The next day charlie and I left for koh lanta, it was a fairly long tip as we had to go all the way back to koh phi phi and change boats to go on to koh lanta. When we arrived we managed to haggle for a very nice room and ended up staying for 4days doing nothing but chilling by the pool and beach and eating great food! We tried to have a really chilled out few days as our next stop was koh phangan for full moon so we knew it would be crazy from then on.