House Party Essentials

This weekend one of my fave people had a little shin dig at her place, everyone had a fab time, drank too much and felt very fragile the next day. So it got me thinking, what exactly do you need to create the perfect house party? Well i compiled a little list for you all, most of which are very self explanatory, but you never know, they might not be things you would have thought of!


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Cairns and sad farewell

After our long drive and strange encounter with a man that appeared from no where asking to film us all on the coach, we arrived in cairns. Once we had all battled for the shower and got ready we had a free evening for a few of us headed to the nigh market for some dinner, also our friend Nathan had decided he wanted a life size cuddly koala teddy so we had a browse for that too. After a couple of hours of searching an having no luck we headed back for an early night, as we had to be up super early again in the morning.

The next day, bright and early we headed out on a much nicer and bigger boat to the great barrier reef. Everyone of our group had decided to do this trip too so it was a really lovely way of spending some time together before most people left the next day 😦

We arrived at our first stop and despite the choppy water we all put our stinger suites on and jumped in. The crew on the boat were great and took us over to the better spots and showed us where nemo lives! Even through the weather was great to start off with and the water was pretty rough we still swam around for hours before heading back to the boat. Just before lunch the crew took out the glass bottom boat for us and we got to see even more as the area he took us too was really shallow. Once we had a great seafood lunch we went to a calmer area for our next snorkelling session. This time we anchored up and then all jumped in the glass bottom boat which took us out to a much shallower part. When we got out the boat we were all astounded to discover just how shallow the water was! We were in the middle of the ocean at the great barrier reef but the water was only coming up to our ankles! It was amazingly bizzar!! We paddled to a deeper area and this time we saw double the amount than we did the first time. I got to hold a star fish and a sea cucumber, I saw a giant clam that was probably as big as me! I saw 3 different kinds of nemos as well as a turtle! It was AMAZING!! One of the best parts of the whole trip I’d say and would 100% recommend it! Once everyone was finished we got back on board and went back to the harbour.

That night we were all going for our last meal together as one big group and then off to a pub crawl around cairns. The pub crawl was so much fun and we ended up going to 5 different location each one with its own drinking game. We all got hammered and had a great night!

The next day we had a free day so most of us spent it passed out due to our hang overs or down by the pool. After a nap Charlie and I decided to go to the shops as we needed to get a new hand luggage bag as Charlie’s had fallen to pieces. FYI mountain warehouse are SHIT!! Don’t ever buy anything from them!!

That night was due to be far more tame as a few of the group had already flown to there next destination or home, but we headed back out to the woolshed again (one of the bars from the night before) for dinner and $7 jugs of cocktails before dancing on the tables all night! They were holding a dance competition that night for the best dancer with a chance to win a free minjin swing. A minjin swing is similar to a Bungy jump only rather than being tied at the feet you are lying flat like super man, and rather than falling head first you drop and then swing back up.

The competition was hilarious and our good friends Nathan and Hayley won. The only problem for them was that they were both headed home the next day and the voucher was only valid for the next 2weeks. Because of this, Nathan, the sweet heart that he is, gave us his voucher as once we are done in the jungle we still have 2 more days left in cairns where we could use it. So as we had one voucher we figured we should get the other one from Hayley who had already asked if we wanted to buy hers. So we manage to get 2 vouchers for $40 which was AMAZING!! The end of the night got a tad emotional as everyone said there goodbyes and promising to meet up again one day. We made such a great group of friends and it will be odd dropping down to just 9 of us to go up to the rainforest but I’m sure we will still have loads of fun!






Farm stay and sailing

After a long day of driving we arrived at the farm that we were due to be staying on. We were all fairly relieved as there had been a possibility that we wouldn’t have been able to stay due to the flooding, but luckily all was fine.

We arrived a little before the sun was setting so some of our group went for a walk up to the top of a hill to watch it go down, I couldn’t be bothered so I decided to just get settled in my room and have a shower. Soon after we all had a couple of drinks around the main barn where we were due to have dinner. The farm was family run and therefore all the staff were related in some way or another. There were also 3 kids running round and racing on scooters, they were all around the same age as my siblings so it made me a little home sick seeing them all play together!

We had a lovely roast dinner before being interrupted by screams from some of the girls! It turned out one had seen a snake and a poisonous toad so everyone was freaking out a little!! At this point the staff decided to give us a whip cracking demonstration as a nice distraction! It’s safe to say its a lot bloody harder than it looks!! I had a go a whipped my self round the ankles a couple of times, which fucking killed!! Charlie was standing on the side lines trying to shout instructions at me which only got me more frustrated! I managed to kind of get the hang of it but not properly so I handed it to charlie for his turn. To my pure delight he found it just as hard as me, until suddenly we all heard a huge crack and then the girliest scream ever as charlie somehow managed to whip himself on the arse!! It was hysterical!! And I actually think one of the girls managed to catch it on her phone so I’ll do my best to get hold of it!! After everyone had had a turn we headed back inside, for karaoke. We had all hated the idea to begin with and no one volunteered to go first until a couple of girls decided to bite the bullet as they clearly weren’t going to let us get away with out singing! but in the end we all got involved and it was a great laugh!! Charlie even sang!!

The next day we were up early AGAIN to head further north for our sailing trip.
Now I must stress, when charlie and I signed up for the sailing i thought (stupidly enough) that we would be on a beautiful big boat almost like a yacht, (clearly I’ve never been sailing before) however what the boat turned out to be was so far from what I had pictured in my head an it wasn’t the nicest surprise. The boat it’s self was fine, I’m sure people that liked boats would even go as far as saying beautiful, however the sleeping arrangements were not! As we went down stairs (very steep stairs I may add) to the inside of the boat, which was no bigger than a corridor, we all saw our fate! Everyone was sleeping in this tinny corridor together, pretty much one on top of the other as half the beds were suspended above the beds below a mere inches above your face with ropes. It’s safe to say the majority of us weren’t best pleased, but not just that, we were then told about the limited water supply on the boat and that we were only aloud to have a 1min shower each and the girls weren’t aloud to wash their hair as the shampoo blocked the drains. WE WERE ON THE BOAT FOR 3DAYS!
In case you havnt gathered, I didn’t like the boat! But it was too late to change my mind so I clung to the side for dear life as we sailed at pretty much a 45 degree angle through the whitsundays.

As we had arrived on the boat at early afternoon we didn’t do anything other than sail on the first day. But everyone got involved with getting the sails up and doing other sailing related activities! By the time we anchored I had accepted my fait and was trying to enjoy myself! We did actually have a lovely dinner and played some drinking games under the stars before passing out. The next day we sailed a bit more to Whitehaven beach. Now as much as I hated nearly every min of being on the boat, I feel it’s safe to say it was all worth while when we got to the beach. It’s been rated top 5 in the world by lonely planet and is by far the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my life! Even the sand was amazing, it’s 90% silica (which is what glass is made of) so even under the Australian sun it didn’t get hot and was the softest sand I’ve ever touched. We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours before heading up to a look out point which gave us the full view across this amazing place. After that we headed back to the boat to take us to our next destination which was where we were going to do our snorkelling. As it is stinger season we all had to put on really attractive stinger suites before getting in the water. As we were quite far north now the reef we were snorkelling around was actually part of the great barrier reef, but as it was only the fringing reef there wasn’t quite as much as you would expect to see, but impressive all the same!

Once we were done we headed back on bored for the night where more drinking games commenced and people got rather messy!! After a sleepless night due to the heat of everyone sleeping in the corridor, we headed back to shore much to my delight! We got back pretty early before getting on the coach for a lovely 9hour drive, after most of us hadn’t showered for 2days, you can imagine how delightful that trip was!