Bangkok baby!!

I am currently in Bangkok with my mum and siblings.
I love Bangkok, everything is always go, go, go!! The people, the smells, I find it all so fascinating!!
We arrived on Wednesday evening after supprising the kids, as they thought they were just coming to look at the plane and then go home again!


When we arrived we had something to eat and then went in search of the fish that suck your feet, after an unsuccessful search we came back and took the kids to the pool, even at 9o’clock at night it was still crazy hot here!

The next day was jam packed, we got up and jumped on a train to head down to the river, from there we jumped on a long boat which took us up the river stopping at various parts along the way. We saw loads of Thai houses, a fairly pathetic floating market and some fish, we then had our first stop, the snake farm. Unfortunately I took all my photos on my camera so I will have to upload them when I get back.
But to say this snake farm was jubious would be an understatement! They had loads of animals all locked up and put on some sort of snake “show” where they pulled out various types of snakes from a giant sack. It’s safe to say this wasn’t the high light of the trip!!
We then jumped back on the boat and headed to a great temple. In Bangkok they seem to have so many temples it’s hard to know which are important and which arnt!
From there we headed over to the reclining budda which was breath taking, she was HUGE!!
I have been to Thailand before, but you forget how friendly everyone is here and how much they love kids! Everywhere we go they are smiling and waving at the kids, Hope especially! One random couple even wanted a picture with the 3 of them! The kids think they are some sort of celebs over here, it’s very funny!!
We then jumped in a tuk tuk and grabbed some dinner. Thai food is amazing, and they are so accommodating here, all you have to say is “less spice” and they sort you out every time!!
We then went back in search of the sucking fish, this time we were more successful, it was one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had! The kids were going on and on about getting this done, but of course, as soon as we got there and paid for it, they freaked out and barely put their feet in!!
Today we decided to just spend the day by the pool, keep the kids happy that way! I just snuck off to have a massage, a one hour back, shoulder and head massage for £5!! Cheap is an understatement!! And now we have just discovered due to the store in America we are being delayed by 12hours! Which is annoying as it doesn’t even mean we get an extra day here, just the night!
Still, so far so good, has been so nice having a break from all 3 jobs and being able to just spend some time with the kids and my mum, speaking of which I should probably head back up to the pool!!