My 2014!

So its been quite a long time since i last posted (understatement of the year!) so i figured, New Year, now is as good a time as any to dust off the old blog and start posting again. Sadly this time i don’t have any amazing 6 month trip ahead of me, so after some serious inspiration from an amazing blog i’ve been reading i thought id try my hand at lifestyle blogging! Continue reading


Nah trang and reunion part 2!

After a very bumpy night bus, we arrived in Nah trang super early! Rosy, Ella, Emma, Miles and Henna had already been there for a day, so we headed to mojzo inn where they were staying. When we arrived the guy on reception was clearly expecting us as the others had obviously mentioned it, while we were checking in he went up and woke them all up to let them know we were here!! Barring it mind it was 6am! We felt very bad, but luckily everyone went back to sleep!

Charlie and I couldn’t check into our dorm until midday so we chilled out in the lounge area until it was time for breakfast. We had great pancakes and an omelette while we waited for the others to wake up for a second time! Once everyone had eaten we decided to head to the mud spa that I’d heard about. We all got changed and were picked up by an elongated golf buggy!

When we arrived we were taken straight to our bud bath. As there were 7 of us we were given the biggest bath. As they started filling it with mud we were taken over to the first mineral shower area which was a huge circle with tones of shower heads at the top. Once we were all soaked we were taken back to our bud bath. One by one we gradually got in. The mud was lovely and warm and also much thinner than we were all expecting! It didn’t really stick to you in the way you would imagine, it was far more watery. We all covered ourselves in the mud and took a variety of funny pictures on rosys water proof camera before getting out to shower off. The next part was like a big grown up mineral water park. The area that you go to to wash off all the mud was full of jets pointing out all over the place! There was one that looked like a big fountain with jets shooting up from the floor, one that was like a walkway with jets shooting at you from both sides and one fairly normal looking shower one. As we didn’t know the difference we decided to try them all!

Once we were all dried off we claimed some sun bed by the pool and went to get lunch. The food was actually pretty good and the portions were HUGE! When everyone had eating so much they felt sick we went to go lie in the sun like big beached whales! After a few hours we headed back to get showered properly and changed for our big night out!

We went for dinner at a roof top bar type place, the food really wasn’t that great, but Ella and I both enjoyed ours! Next we went to a bar with the craziest promoter lady ever!! She came running out into the street to hug us all before forcing us into her bar! We had one drink there before slying off so we didn’t get stopped! Next we went to a place called red apple as the others had been there the night before and said it was really busy, however when we turned up we were the only people there! But it was happy hour and they were doing two for one on sprits so we stayed. After Emma and miles had played their game of pool we decided to move on again. We ended up at a place round the corner from where we ate which was much more lively.

We stayed here and had quite a few drinks, had a dance and generally enjoyed ourselves until charlie decided he was hungry so the two of us as well as Emma went in search of some food. We found a little shack selling some sort of German sausage and got one of those before going back and attempting to sleep, while the girl and guy in the bed above me went at it like rabbits all night.

The next day charlie and I wanted to go to vinpearl which is vietnams version of disney land, minus the Disney characters! The others had already been the day before so they went to the beach instead. Charlie and I got a cab to the cable cart that takes you across to vinpearl island……yes it’s on it’s own island! As soon as we got off we jump straight onto the only “roller coaster” they had there. It was a bit like the flying fish at Thorpe park only shorter! Then we headed straight over to the water park section as the others had told us this was the best part. We dropped off our stuff and headed to the first slide. We went down and all the Vietnamese were laughing at charlie because he made such a big splash when we came down!! We went on pretty much every water slide they had and spent a good two hours there before realising it was almost 3pm already and we hadn’t had any lunch yet! So we got dry and went in hunt for food. Sadly vinpearl was very limited with there food selection. There was either a big “fancy” restaurant or lotto which is effectively a shit version of burger king and we had already been warned not to go there. So we found a random food stall that did the classic Vietnamese dish “chicken nuggets and chips!” I probably should have mentioned before that Nah trang is FULL of russians. I’m not quite sure why, we havant really come across many Russians elsewhere in Vietnam, but for some reason they obviously love Nah trang.

Anyway, after we’d had our delightful lunch we decided to cue for the lugging style ride next. Well I say cue, it was more like an elbowing match until we got into a space where people couldn’t really push in front of us any more! After cueing for about an hour we finally got to the front. The cart that you sit in was similar to lugging in that you have a leaver that you lift to make you go and lift further to break. It was on a raised track that gave you a beautiful view of Nah trang. The idea is to go down it fast, hence it being in a theme park, however you are slightly limited by how fast you can go by the person in front of you as there is no way of over taking. Sadly I had some granny in front of me who clearly thought this was more of a scenic view than a ride as she was breaking at every given opportunity. We got to the end a little pissed off that we had cued so long for it to be ruined by someone woman who had pushed in front of us!

We went back up to the main entrance area just to catch the end of the parade before jumping back on the cable cart to go back. The others were leaving that night so we wanted to make it back in time to say goodbye to them. Once we’d said our fair wells, charlie and I headed to a place called lanterns for dinner. It was a really cute little restaurant with no ceiling, covered in lanterns. We had the most amazing dinner there, we both tried their yellow curry as it was recommended and it was sooooooo good!!

When we were finished we went back to the hostel to pack up all our stuff and get an early night as we had a 6am bus to catch, however this didn’t quite go to plan due to the assholes in our room who came it shouting at 3am and then deliberately carried on when they saw we were trying to sleep. Then more of them came in at 4am, again being as loud as they possibly could. It’s safe to say both charlie and I were fuming and very happy to turn on all the lights and slam the door when we left at 6am!










Koh Tao

Charlie an I arrived in koh Tao after a rather stressful start trying to get our key deposit back and the woman that had it not being there in the morning, NOT HELPFUL! But we arrived safe and sound and headed straight over to saire beach and bumped straight into Rosanna strolling around very hung over! We planned to meet for brunch after charlie an I ha found a place to stay. After a quick stroll around we decided to treat ourselves for a couple of days and stay at this lovely place called simple life which even had a pool! We dropped our bags off and went to meet Rosanna. After a lovely catch up we sadly had to say goodbye as she was heading over to phi phi that evening so we let her go and get her stuff packed. That night we had a stroll round before grabbing some dinner an having a chilled night in.

The next day was spent just chilling out by the pool doing nothing. We went for dinner at a placed called the gallery which had been recommended to us by Rosanna and the food was good.

The next day we had booked a snorkelling trip around the island. We left at about 9am and headed down to the pier. We met a lovely English couple who had emigrated to Australia years ago and were here celebrating their wedding annerversery. We jumped on the boat and headed to the first stop, shark bay. This was actually rather disappointing as there were no sharks and very little coral to see, so we just swam about for a bit before we were called back to the boat. The next stop however was much more impressive. There was tones of coral and some really beautiful fish too, I even saw a giant sting ray! We jumped back on the boat and went to one more stop which wasn’t quite as good as the last one but was still pretty nice. We had half an hour here swimming around before getting back on the boat for a surprisingly unimpressive lunch, most of which ended up going to the fish! After lunch we had one last stop snorkelling before going to a lovely secluded island. We got to spend a couple of hours here just chilling out on the beach before heading back. All in all it was a lovely day until we realised how sun burnt charlie was!! We was so red it was unbelievable! We went back to the room and I passed out!! By the time I woke up it was 10pm so we just had some paad thi in the room for dinner and went back to sleep!

The next day was again spent doing nothing, chilling by the pool and sunbathing. We decided that as we had so much time to kill and we didn’t really want to spend loads of time on koh samui, that we would stay on koh Tao for a few more days, but on a different part of the island as we were told there was better snorkelling elsewhere. So the next morning we got up, checked out and jumped in a tuck tuck over to chalok ban koa where charlie found the most beautiful beach ever!! It was stunning and the best part was there were barely any people on it!! It was like our own private beach!! We got checked in and grabbed some lunch before chilling out on the beach.

The next 5days were pretty much spend doing just that, chilling out on the beach we didn’t really do any activities, charlie tried to snorkel once but the mask he hired was pretty shit so he didn’t get very far!

On our last night on this side of the island our lovely friends Ella and rosy arrived so we met up with them over in saire beach and had a lovely dinner before heading out. As we had to check out the next morning we said we weren’t going to get that drunk, but that never happens!! We ended up going to 4 different bars and having a great night!

The next morning however, charlie was suffering very badly! We had to get up fairly early to check out and he was not doing well!! We headed back over to saire beach and checked into a new place with the girls. Charlie immediately passed out to try and cure his hangover so I went and got breakfast with the girls. Once we had all eaten we decided to all go for a nap to help us recover! We woke up early afternoon and decided to all go and play mini golf! We had so much fun and the course was actually really hard!! Yet I still came a respectable second!! Once we were done we headed back to get ready for dinner. We had a lovely meal at a very posh Italian restaurant and we all got free pudding as they messed up my order! Later on we headed down to a bar for drinks, Ella left us for a while to deal with her awkward ex and charlie roast and I ended up being mesmerised by the fire dancers!! As we had eaten so much and were too busy watching the fire dancers we weren’t really drinking much so we decided to head back to the room to play drinking games! After a while Ella re-joined us so we headed back out. We ended up going to loads of different bars and some sort of half hearted pool party where no one was actually in the pool! We didn’t end up leaving until 4:30am all very drunk!!

The next day charlie and I were due to leave to head to koh samui but as we were having so much fun we decided to stay one more day! We were all feeling very worse for ware so we grabbed some breakfast and then the girls headed down to the beach. Charlie and I had to book our boat ticket otherwise we would never leave, so we went and did that and then met them down at the beach. We spent the afternoon there before heading back to get ready for dinner. This time we decided to go for something cheap and cheerful as the night before had been a rather expensive one! As soon as we finished eating we set off to what can only be described as as the funniest night ever! We went to the most amazing placed called queens cabaret! It was a cabaret show made up of only lady boys. It was so funny, and amazing to see some of these women, you’d be surprised at just how beautiful they were! They did loads of different numbers all of which seemed to be teamed around some sort of celeb that the lady boy was dressed as and miming along to the song. It was great fun! Once it was over we headed down to the beach and had some lovely cocktails before calling it a night as charlie and I had to be up early for our boat.



















Koh phangan, full moon and my birthday

After a relaxing few days on koh lanta we made the long journey to koh phangan. It took us about 6 hours by bus and boat. When we arrived we checked into our questionable accommodation and dropped our stuff. After being in the room for about 5mins the power cut out. We should have known then it wasn’t going to be great!

As we had 6 full days here we decided to rent a moped as where we were staying was a good 20min drive from haad rin where all the action is, so we figured we would save money in cab fairs this way. As Charlie’s two friends jack and Harry, as well as Sean who we had met in Bangkok were already staying over in haad rin we headed straight there to meet them for dinner. The drive up there was insane! The roads were so hilly that if I had been driving and charlie was on the back we wouldn’t have gotten up them, plus the Thai people drive like mad men!! There are no real rules of the road! But we got there safe and sound after getting a little lost. We had a nice meal and drove the bike up to where jack and Harry were staying so it was safe.

After a little pre-drinking Harry suggested we head down to a place called coral bungalows as they hold a pool party every night that’s supposed to be really good. They run free taxis there so we thought why not. We arrived and it was dead as it was still really early so after a few more buckets I suggested the waterfall party as I’d heard it was really good. We got a taxi down there, got our free drink and started watching the fire dancers. As I was a little drunk it took me a while to realise there wasn’t a waterfall anywhere. We went hunting for it only to discover there was no waterfall, I was bitterly disappointed, so we left! We decided as it was a lot later now we should go back and try the pool party again, and this time it was rammed!! There were people everywhere!! We all jumped straight in the pool, which on reflection was probably pretty gross as I can only imagine how many drunk people had peed in it! But we had a great time and even bumped into mez and his friends. I have no idea what time it was when we left but we headed back to jack and Harry’s before deciding charlie was far too drunk to drive the bike back so we got a cab.

The next day was a complete right off. Everyone was feeling terrible. The boys made there way over to our hotel as we had a pool for everyone to chill at, but I hardly left the room!! Later on they all went for dinner, but I still couldn’t stomach moving so I stayed behind. After they had eaten they were all feeling great again and wanted another night on the town but I really wasn’t up for it. so I sent them off on a lads night out and they got up to lots of trouble from what I heard!

The next day was full moon, as charlie had been out the night before we had a bit of a layin before heading out and grabbing some essentials and the obligatory full moon tops. Charlie took me for dinner at the shake he went to the day before with the boys and then we headed back to get ready. We jumped into the earliest bus over as we wanted to get in as much pre drinking as possible to save money. We went straight over to jack and Harry’s who had already been joined by Sean, rou, alno and warren. I had grabbed some paints on the way over so started some fantastic art work on the lads! We were all pre drinking for a while but it was still super early so Harry suggested we try out the pool party we had been to the previous night before heading to the beach. As my delightful friend Rosanna was supposedly down at cactus bar we decided to do a bit of a drive by first to see if we could see her an then head over. As we were all a little drunk and no one really knew where cactus bar was we spent about half an hour roaming around the streets before we found it. We went in an the place was PACKED as it backs straight on to the beach. About a second after going in we lost half the group! There was no chance I was going to be able to find Rosanna so after a quick scout we decided to just go out to the beach. It was rammed!! There were people everywhere you looked. We decided to make our way to one end of the beach and gradually make our way to the other through the night. We got to the end and there was a huge stage with this amazing saxophone player with a huge crowd of people all around him! From there on in it’s all a bit of a drunken blur but from what I can remember we managed to stay with jack, Harry and alno for most of the evening, dancing like crazy people an getting covered in paint! At some point we made out way back towards cactus bar where we randomly also bumped into mez and Norris! More drinking and crazy dancing, at one point I was up on a table dancing with a Thai lady! Then we amazing managed to find Jynay a little further down the beach at a great bar which we stayed at for a while I think! Soon enough I was feeling a little too drunk so we decided to head off the beach and grab some food. We were sat in this cafe for what felt like hours at which point we found mez and Norris as well as some other boys we knew from the kiwi bus, and I facetimed lib, all before anyone had taken our order, so after using there Internet we left! We found another smaller cafe and got some food. At about 5am we managed to find our lift home and crashed out!

As you can imagine the next day we did nothing! Nothing at all! In fact I think we even went as far as to get take away food so we didn’t have to leave our room!

The next day was my birthday!! As we had had a terrible nights sleep due to the power constantly cutting out leaving us with no AC we didn’t get up till around midday. Charlie had got me a lovely card which I opened as well as a new deck of playing cards as a little gift and amazing my great aunt had managed to get a card to where we were staying that arrived on time, so I had that to open too. We decided to head over to the other side of the island to some of the much nicer resorts which had proper spas so I could get a birthday massage. It was a bloody long drive on the bike over some very interesting roads and on the way over we got to see some elephants just chilling out which was super cool! We went to a place called the aramana hotel and it was AMAZING!! The whole place was beautiful. It had an infinity pool that looked out on to the most amazing beach and the spa was unreal! I got to speak to my mum quickly before i went for my massage which was lovely. After my massage I met charlie at the bar and had a surprise call from my dad which was very sweet! After a quick stroll up the beach we decided to head back as we had dinner arrangements. Once we had showered an changed we headed out for dinner at a great sea food restaurant called fisherman’s which is right on the beach and you are able to sit in long tail boats which was very cool. The food was amazing and charlie had even arranged for them to sing happy birthday and bring me out a pudding with a candle in the top which was very sweet! Once we had finished we went back to where we were staying so I could FaceTime my mum and the kids properly as well as having a quick chat with lib! All in all I had a lovely chilled day which was exactly what I wanted after the chaos of full moon.

The next day was our last day on the island so we had to drop back the bike which ended up being a complete disaster! Despite there being NOTHING wrong with the bike at all, the owner tried charging us 1,700bht after much discussion we realised that as they had Charlie’s passport we had to pay them but managed to get it down to just 1,000bht. We paced our bags and had dinner and were both quite looking forward to heading over to koh Tao for a few quite days after the craziness we had had here!



















Phi phi and songkran

We arrived into Phuket late evening, so we had booked a nights accommodation as we weren’t able to jump on a boat until the next day.

The next morning we were picked up and drove for a about an hour until we reached the port. We jumped on and sat up at the top to try and help with my sea sickness. After about 3 hours we arrived at the lovely koh phi phi. We were met by the guy from our accommodation and began the treck up to it! Once we had checked in and cooled down we decided to go investigate. We wondered round for a few hours and had dinner at a place called papaya on jacks recommendation. Charlie had his first panaeng curry and I had a green curry. The food was surprisingly good despite all the cats roaming around! We went for a couple of drinks after and then headed back to the room.

The next morning we woke up and decided to go on a maya bay over night trip. Luckily, as the trip didn’t leave until the afternoon we were able to book it for today. We got dressed and packed an over night bag before heading down to meet the boat. Maya bay is the area where most of the movie “the beach” was filmed and as its so popular with tourists the best time to see the beach is late afternoon once everyone else has gone.

We got on the boat with the other 18 people doing the same trip as us and set off. We made some new fwiends, coupling couple on there honey moon called will and Jamie, and strangely enough another girl called brooke and a girl called Shannon.

On the way there we stopped at the pirate caves to take some pictures. The pirate caves are where a group of pirates were shipwrecked years ago and ended up living there surviving only on birds nests! When we arrived at maya bay, unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and started to rain a little bit, the water was still super warm though so everyone jumped in and did some snorkelling while we waited for all the people of day tours to leave the beach. Just as we got into the long tail boat to take us to the beach it started to pour! We were all huddled under towels until we arrived where we found a cute shelter to sit under until the rain stopped. Once it had we all went down to the beach to take pictures, it was stunning! At about 8pm dinner was served. We had a huge Thai feast of curry, vegetables and rice, it was sooooooo good! We all sat in a big group and had some music on while we ate. Once we were done everyone got a free bucket, which is a bucket that u make sandcastles in full of alcohol! Everyone was chilling out an chatting and someone even pulled out a guitar and started playing, like true travellers!! After a short fiasco with a centipede and a lady being taken to hospital we all headed back to the boat! Once we were back it was about 11pm and pitch black so we were all told to jump in the sea and swim with the plankton. It was the coolest experience ever. During the day you can’t see plankton but at night when it’s really dark if you disturb it, by swimming, it all lights up and glows a silvery colour, just like in the movie! It was amazing! We all had snorkel masks on and when u put your face in the water it was like you were surrounded by stars under the sea! Unfortunately none of the pictures came out very well so I can’t put them up for you to see, but trust me, it was amazing! Once we were done we all slept under the stars on the roof of the boat.

The next morning we were woken up bright and early so that we could have another chance to see the beach before all the day trippers arrived. Luckily it was a nice sunny morning so we could all appreciate the beach properly. Once we had had breakfast the boat took us back to phi phi. As charlie and I were so shattered we headed straight back to our hotel for a nap! When we got up We went and met up with will and Jamie and grabbed some late lunch before wandering around the market stalls. Later on we also met up with brooke and Shannon for dinner at papaya again (Charlie’s new favourite place)

While we were there we also bumped into mez and Norris from our kiwi bus who where there with two of there other friends. When everyone had finished eating we headed over to banana bar for a few drinks with everyone. Jamie, will, brooke and Shannon all went home but charlie and I stayed out with the other boys and got to whiteness a real life dance off!! Soon enough charlie was very drunk and I practically had to carry him home! we got through the door and he was passed out in a star shape for about 10mins before running to the toilet to be sick!

The next day was a bit of a right off as charlie was so hung over so we chilled in the room and I started our scrap book. That night and the next day were songkran which is thai new year, a festival which is celebrated with a huge water fight! So once charlie was feeling a little better we grabbed some dinner and two huge super soakers and met up with the boys. We went over to banana bar again whilst soaking everyone in our path, as well as getting completely soaked! We had a couple of drinks before attempting to make our way to the beach. The streets were packed and everyone was soaking each other, it was so much fun! We made our way to slinkys bar on the beach where we all got split up. It was just a huge mass of people all with water guns, it was amazing! We all ended up getting very drunk and I’m not too sure what time we got home!

Today Charlie’s friend jack and his girlfriend Alex were arriving on phi phi so charlie and I went to the pier, armed with our water guns to greet them. Charlie had got the wrong boat time so we went back into town to grab some lunch, getting soaked again the whole way! We sat down and had one of the worst meals we’ve had since we’ve been away, but it was so funny to watch everyone walking past getting drenched from all different angles! Jack and Alex arrived and as they hadn’t eaten we sat with them while they grabbed some food. As we were sat down we watch the big parade go past with loads of different floats and people singing, it was very pretty. Once they had finished we got stuck into the water fight again before grabbing some drinks and heading to their room to pre drink. We headed to banana bar again to see if we could find mez and Norris before setting off for the beach. It was much much quieter tonight, I think because most people had been drinking all day so they had pretty much crashed by the evening, but the beach was still busy and we proceeded to get drunk again and had a great night. We didn’t stay out too late though as we had to get up early the next morning to check out and head to Phuket.

















Queens town

On our way into queens town we made a stop at the aj hacket bridge Bungy where we watched a short info video about aj hacket and all the different experiences they had to offer. Once it was finished we all had to pay for our bungys or canyon swings in advance, so there was no backing out from here! Charlie paid for his Nevis and somehow I got convinced to do the free style ledge jump over the whole of queens town, so I unwillingly paid for mine too!

Once we had all paid we were able to watch the people doing the bridge jump, one of them being our friend Helen. She was terrified and got talked into it just like me, so I felt for her. But she did it, and with no hesitation! She did t enjoy it much apparently but she was glad shed done it!

When everyone had jumped we carried on into queens town and took a huge group picture before started the long process of checking everyone into nomads. It was actually really lovely, the best hostel we had stayed in so far. Once we had dropped all our stuff off we found Caroline and were pleasantly surprised to also find out our other 2 friends george and Callum had managed to change there flight and we’re also still in queens town. We also found Casey too who we hadn’t seen since Auckland so that was lovely.

We headed over to world bar where we were going to be drinking that night to get our wristbands before taking a stroll around the town and also bumping into Millsy! He took us down to the lake where we chilled out before charlie hit a duck in the face while skimming stones, so we headed to get ready for our night out.

That night we started out at altitude bar attached to the base hostel. After our free shots and a few more drinks we headed over to world bar. They had a free bar tab going of up to a $1,000 so you can imagine it was madness! They also did really great cocktails that were served in tea pots which was cool. We stayed and parties the night away until charlie decided he wanted McDonald’s and so began his routine of getting a mc attack which is two big macs every night before we want home!

The next day was a bit of a right off for me due to my terrible hang over! However charlie, dan, adam and emma all had there Nevis Bungy jump. As its so high up you can’t go and watch so I spent most of the morning in bed recovering before helen and I got up and headed down to the lake as there was a small market going on so we wanted to check it out. We got quick massages which were lovely before bumping into dustin, George and Callum. Just as we bumped into them I got the call from charlie to say he had survived and was on his way back so Hellen and I thought it would be a nice idea to get them congratulation cup cakes from this cute shop we had found!

We found them in the Nevis store uploading there videos and pictures. We presented them with there cup cakes which they were very happy with before heading down to get a world famous ferg burger. We had herd so much about them and were all very excited to finally try one! The shop was busy but not too bad so we didn’t have to wait too long. The burger was AMAZING!! But also huge, I couldn’t finish all of mine in one go! As it was still early afternoon we decided to go luging so we went back to nomads to book our tickets and then went straight up. As the luging track is so high up you have to get a gondola up. The view was unreal. You could see for miles, you could look out over all the town, see the whole of the lake and see where it met the mountains. It was so beautiful. We got to the top and grabbed helmets and went onto the track. Now the best way to describe luging is that it’s like go carting but without the engine. You have to pull the handle bars towards you a little bit to release the breaks, and pull them all the way towards you to break properly. It was great fun and you go a hell of a lot faster then you would think! We had a great time and had loads of races before heading back down!

That evening as we were all so shattered from our day of activities we decided to have a night in, we were going to go to the cinema, but there wasn’t a film that we all wanted to see and nomads had a cinema room so we decided to save some money and stay in instead.

The next day the boys had decided to watch the lord of the rings trilogy so we had a very chilled day. It was also the day that the rest of our group that we left behind arrived! So mid afternoon we were all reunited again! And in true kiwi bus style we started planning our night out! As it was Helen’s birthday soon some of us decided we should go to ice bar to start the night off. As we booked the tickets on there were only a couple of spaces, so it ended up being me, charlie, Casey, dan and helen.

We started off drinking in the hostel with everyone until 9pm when we were told we had to stop. In usual youth style, when told not to do something we did the opposite, so we all headed to matt’s room to carry on drinking. Casey an I ducked out to go to the bathroom and the next thing we knew it was all kicking off! Turns out one of the receptionist had caught everyone drinking and was screaming at Matt. One thing lead to another and before we knew it Matt was being thrown out and told he was no longer aloud to stay at nomads. It was all very crazy and not something that could be sorted with everyone fairly drunk. So we all left and tried to forget what had happened!

Everyone else headed over to world bar while charlie and the rest of us web to the ice bar. God knows why but that night I had decided to go out in shorts…to an ice bar! I was bloody freezing, but the bar was awesome! Your only really able to stay for an hour as its so cold and I think in the end we stayed for less but we had a great time! Charlie found a penguin costume while we were putting our coats on so he obviously put it on and wore it for most of the evening! Inside they had an ice hockey table, an ice chandelier and an ice photo booth! It was great! Very quickly though I got super cold so thought it would be a great idea to put on a coat as trouser! I looked insane, but it worked!

Once we were done at the ice bar we went over to meet everyone else at world bar and again partied hard! I don’t know what time we left all I know is as usual charlie polished off two big macs and a cheese burger this time!

Again the next day was a bit of a write off as everyone was so hung over! Neither charlie or I can remember what we got up which shows it can’t have been that eventful! That night as we were no longer aloud to drink in the hostel everyone went down to the river instead. It was really cold in the evenings as it was starting to get into autumn in new Zealand so we didn’t stay long and decided to attempt an early night especially as I had my canyon swing the next day!

The next morning we weren’t up too early as my continent swing was at about midday. Emma and I were doing it together so we grabbed our stuff and made our way down to their shop in town. When we arrived we checked in and were weighed, there were 3 other girls also doing it with us so once everyone was done we hopped in the car to do the short drive to the site. On the way we watched a video showing all the different ways you are able to do the swing. I had already made my mind up that I wanted to do the slide. When we got there we all got harnessed up and took it in turns. Emma went first and god know why but she decided to lie flat in the air and drop like that! I screamed for her while watching it! Next it was my go so they set up the slide. I was sat on the edge and they were chatting away with me which was freaking me out as you never know if they are just going to push you off! After a min or so they said it was time to go and I was pretty much frozen to the spot so they had to pretty much push me! But once I was of it was amazing! You free fall for what feels like forever, and falling over the canyon means you drop so much further! All in all it was amazing! And I was very tempted to do it again but decided against due to money. So we all headed back after buying our pictures and charlie came to meet me to watch my video!

While we were there charlie found out that milsey had been able to get us a really good discount for the shot over jet as his friend worked there and they had 2 spaces left if we went right now. So we ran straight over and jumped in the car that takes you down to the canyon, which was actually where I’d just done my canyon swing over, only this time we were getting in a boat! We got there and put on the really attractive water proof jackets provided before jumping in the boat. The boat is equips with 2 special water jets that makes the boat go so fast. We started off down the river and soon enough we were doing 360degree turns and getting super close to the surrounding rock walls. We were in the boat for about 20mins and was good fun. We were super lucky that we had got the discount though as if we had paid full price I wouldn’t have been that impressed!

When we got back we were both super hungry a we hadn’t really eaten much that day, so we went to a great sushi restaurant in town and grabbed some dinner. While we were eating we bumped into some of the girls and made some plans for later. We all got ready an layered up this time as we were pre drinking by the lake again. We all went down and started playing drinking games when all pod a sudden some crazy guy started shinning these lights on one of our friends pippa. Apparently it was light healing, something to do with different coloured lights doing different things. He wasn’t charging anyone so we all had a go! I don’t think it did much but we humoured him and sat there for a while before heading back to the hostel to drop our extra layers off and heading out! I planned on not getting too drunk as I had my Bungy jump the next day, but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out as planned. Ended up getting very drunk and didn’t get home till super late.

The next morning I had to get up to do my Bungy and it’s safe to say I could think of nothing worse!! I was so hung over and just didn’t want to go. We had decided that as it was up where the living was and we were going to have to buy a gondola ticket anyway we may as well go luging again. We had to pretty much run all the way down with the girls as we were now running late which very much didn’t help my hangover! We got to the top and I started freaking out. I just saw how high it was and felt sick. It’s strange because when I did the canyon swing it was higher, much higher, and I was fine. I guess this was because I had to actually jump, there was no one there to push me. The lovely lady at reception tried to give me a sympathetic pep talk while she weighed me but it didnt help. I did the walk down to the platform and just felt worse and worse. I really didn’t think I could do it. I got harnessed up and just started feeling worse and worse. Soon enough it was time to jump and I just froze. I physically couldn’t move. The guy on the platform clearly saw stuff like this all the time so didn’t have a huge amount of sympathy and just said if you don’t want to do it I’ll take off your harness and let the guys behind go, otherwise you need to go now. I don’t know what changed but I started to run, then paused, then carried on and ran off the edge! It was horrible, I cried and hated it!! But soon enough it was over. I was nearly sick when I got back up, not sure if that was from the hang over or the nerves. We went into the cafe at the top to get something to eat and try and settle me before going luging again. Luging was great fun again. I fell out my cart this time because I was going too quick!

On our way down from luging we bumped into the others all playing mini golf in the sun and decided to join them. Charlie kicked my arse even with me cheating, so that tells just how terrible I am! Half way though our game we heard some one shout Charlie’s name, and low and behold it was milsey and his girlfriend who’s name is also brooke, very strange! So they joined in too and offered to have charlie an I over for dinner at there place later. So we made arraignments and finished our games. Once everyone was done we headed into town with mobs, Karen and tweedy to hire a car for the weekend so we could head down to Dunedin and Milford sound. After traipsing round different companies we found one and got it booked. Then we grabbed another furg burger and went down to the lake to sit in the sun and organise stuff for our weekend trip!

We chilled for a bit longer before making our way over to milsey and Brooke’s place. It was just outside of queens town so we jumped on the bus to get there. It’s amazing how much nicer/helpful bus drivers are in NZ! We got to there place fairly quickly and dinner was pretty much ready when we arrived. It was so nice to have home cooked food again as we had been living pretty much on pasta since we had got to NZ! We had a lovely chilled evening catching up and when we were done milsey dropped us back. It was also our lovely friend Caseys last night 😦 so rather than heading straight home we came out for a couple of drinks to say goodbye.

Thursday was pretty much everyone’s last day together as people were either heading further north or further south like us. It was also a really beautiful day so most of us put on our swimming costumes and headed down to the lake to sunbath. Again it was a nice chilled day and we didn’t really get up to a great deal. That night a it was everyone’s last night Ella had booked a table at a nice restaurant and we all went and had our last supper! It was a lovely evening and a really nice way to say goodbye. Afterwards everyone headed down to the lake to pre drink before going out. As Friday was the start of the Easter weekend, for some bizarre reason all the pubs and clubs shut at midnight. I wasn’t feeling too great so called it a night early but charlie stayed out and had a good time.

The next morning we all had to say our sad fair wells as there were only 9 of us heading down to Dunedin for the weekend, Ella, rosy and Sophie had it included in there bus ticket so they left before us, and Pete had decided to hire his own car. So we picked up the cars, stuffed everything we owned into them said our goodbyes and set off.


















Franz Josef

After last night it’s safe to say I wa rather tired and still couldn’t quite see the funny side yet, so when we stopped at the bushman centre about 5mins after setting off I was again unimpressed! The centre was half cafe half museum in a wooden shake in a field. Aside from this you then had to pay to go into the museum and were being shouted out by some crazy woman if u decided not to go. The people that worked there were unbelievably rude and the seat put a bloody hole in my leggings. I did not enjoy this morning one bit!

Thankfully we soon set off again and our next stop was far more enjoyable/amazing!! We stopped to do a short up hill walk and when we got to the top the view was unreal, you could see right out to the start of the Franz josef glacier. Stunning is an understatement!

After everyone had taken pictures we set back off again and soon arrived into Franz josef town. This was where charlie and I had planned on doing our skydive so we had already been booked in, all we needed to do was turn up. First though, we had also decided to do the glacier hike the next day, so we rushed in and paid for that before heading to the skydive shop.
When we turned up we were bitterly disappointed to discover we couldn’t jump as there plane was being serviced and no one had bothered letting us know. So we grabbed some lunch and I tried cheering charlie up!

After that we headed back to our hostel which was really lovely. And we quickly realised that we would be re-united with some of our group that had gone ahead of us. So we went in search of Caroline, Callum, George, dustin and nick and decided we should have a nice big reunion dinner before heading out. We sent the boys to the super market and they returned with a huge Mexican feast!! Everyone helped out and in no time we had 3huge plates of nachos, chicken fajitas with all the trimmings, it was amazing!! I was actually so full I had to go have a nap before going out!!

That night guy was announcing the winner of the fancy dress competition so everyone was very excited, it was also a beach party theme at the bar we were going to so most people had there costumes on again! Eventually guy announced that I had won!! I was over the moon!! Was a great start to the night and we all ended up getting very drunk, including guy!! George even ended up being stood on a table doing the Harlem shake, it was great!

Sadly the next morning we had to say fair well to the guys again as they set off for wanaka, but we had our Franz josef glacier hike so we weren’t sad for too long! We headed straight down there and got kitted up with boots, trousers, jackets, hats, gloves, the works! After a surprisingly quick safety talk we headed to the heli pad. Our group consisted of charlie and I, helen and dan, Emma and two other couples. We left the two other couples to get the next helicopter and the 5 of us jumped in. Emma and I were sat in the front and we got the most amazing view! The journey was super quick and before we knew it we were standing on the glacier. It was so beautiful. We met our guide who was a crazy ginger kiwi and we started our hike. He showed us the different types of ice and explained that the bluer the ice was the less oxygen there was in it. We stopped at loads of different areas, he took us into ice holes and little caves that had been created. We also went through an ice crevasse that was only just wide enough for us to fit though! Our guide was actually fantastic all be it a little crazy, he knew so much about the glacier and could answer any question you put to him, which was impressive as he only look about the same age as us! We carried on going and every time he spotted something cool he would dart off, check it was safe and then start digging steps in the ice for us to climb up.

After a couple of hours we had actually finished the set route and still had an hour to go so our guide decided to take us off the beaten track and to a cave he had found earlier but hadn’t had time to check out. I was the first person behind our guide and so when we got to this cave he turned round to me and said “if I get stuck, there’s a rope in my bag, chuck it down to me.” it’s safe to say I was fairly terrified!! But he disappeared down this hole into the cave and luckily didn’t get stuck! He decided it was safe enough for everyone to go down and of course I was bloody first in line!! I slid down into this hole and it was unreal!! It dropped down god knows how far but the ice was the bluest thing I’ve ever seen. It was so amazing, a real wow moment! Once everyone who wanted to had gone down and come out safe and sound we carried on to another cave. This one was much larger and open though, very different to the pervious one that in comparison was more like an ice hole! We all went in and took it in turns to look over the edge, again it seemed like it was never ending!

Soon after it was time to head back and hopefully try and do our skydive again. We rushed back and got changed and ran straight over, only to be told again that we couldn’t do it because of the weather. We were told to try again at about 4pm to see if the weather had improved at all but we could already tell it wasn’t going to happen. We went back to the room to start looking at where else we would be able to skydive instead and found out that the next town we were going to, wanaka, we could possibly do it there. We went back at 4 anyway, already knowing what the answer would be as the weather had got even worse. We headed up to the bakery to see if some treats would cheer us up, and then remembered that included in our glacier hike was free access to the hot pools all day, so we headed over there.

There were 3 different man made pools, all different temperatures. It was really nice to chill out there and warm up but we didn’t stay for too long as we were both super hungry! So we went back, had dinner and crashed out after our busy day!