An evening at La Soirée

There is a bit of a theatre theme this week on the blog. But this show couldn’t be further from The Royal. The best way to describe La Soirée is, like going to an amazing adult version of the circus……with some rather graphic adult interludes, all done in jest of course! img_5168

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The Royal

I am a huge fan of theater. Throughout school I always did drama or performing arts and going to see the shows as part of our “research”. So when I was given the opportunity to go along to the press night of The Royal at Tabernacle in Notting Hill, I jumped at the chance.

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Pirates of Penzance

You might remember a while back it was my birthday! And my fabulous boyfriend treated me to the most amazing weekend. Well not only did he do that, i also got a whole host of presents too, one of which was tickets to go and see the Pirates of Penzance at the London Coliseum.


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Alice’s Adventures Underground

I have always loved Alice in Wonderland. I think the story is amazing, all be it a little crazy! So when i saw the posters up around the tube advertising Alice’s Adventures Underground, i knew i had to go. It also conveniently opened the same month as my birthday! So it was added to the growing list of birthday activities i already had arranged.

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The Nether and cocktails at The Radisson

Today is my beautiful friend Chloe’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) so as part one of her celebrations we went to go see The Nether at the Duke of York’s Theatre on St Martin’s Lane. I’m a huge fan of the theatre so i was pretty excited.

Let me give you a little background on the play. It was written by Jennifer Haley and is only running for 12 weeks so grab tickets while you can. With out giving too much away, the play is about an online realm where real people can log on and depict themselves as whoever they want to be. Completely anonymously. These realm’s seem and feel like real life, all the normal sensations seem real. So then throughout the play you are posed the question of, should what you do in these realm’s have real life consequences as all your actions seem so real. I don’t want to go into any more detail than that!

We grabbed a quick burrito from Chipotle on the way and then headed for the theatre.

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