The Joys of Commuting 

As many of you are aware, I commute, like the majority of the of the population. It’s never a fun experience, simply a means to an end, however what I have noticed over the years is that there are very different types of commuters, some more irritating that others, some just plain weird and most that just don’t give a fuck! So I thought I would put together a little guide of the usual suspects for anyone who is about to start embarking on the commuting journey….


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Octopus island

So on the boat to our final island, octopus island and we discover that because our accommodation vouchers are somehow worth more than room we were due to be in we could get a free upgrade!! But not just any upgrade, we were able to stay in the nicest bure they have, right on the beach front!!! In short it was basically their honey moon suit!!! And as this was a 3 coconut room we were able to up to the captains lounge again!! So we stocked up on snacks and grabbed a beer for charlie and a couple of ice creams and before we knew it we had arrived at PARADISE!

So far the reports and islands we had stayed at we’re lovely and we were more than happy with the majority of them, with the exception of safe landing, but as we hopped off the main boat and made our way to octopus we knew this was a cut above the rest! It was AMAZING!! They greeted us on the beach with not only their welcome song but also with huge cocktails!! I don’t know how this is even possible, but the sand was ever whiter here too!! All in all first impressions were outstanding!! And it only got better!

We were escorted to our bure and it was AMAZING!! When they say beach front they really mean it!! Our bure door opened out onto our own terrace on the beach! We had our own private hammock as well as our own sun loungers next to our room. It was as if we had our own section of private beach to ourselves!

After we dropped our stuff and tried to wipe the grins off our faces we went and chilled by the pool before the sun set yoga started. After sun set yoga we both decided that this is what we thought Fiji would be like, pure bliss!

Just before dinner the staff wanted to welcome us with a carva ceremony, unfortunately I couldn’t get out of this time so had to have another cup of vile mud water!! But luckily we had an amazing dinner to wash the taste away!! After dinner it was time for more crab racing, clearly a popular evening activity in Fiji!! We chose our crab and this time they had far better prises on offer! The winner won a champaign breakfast the next day and the 2 runners up would win some cocktails. Even the crab racing here was better!! And this time as our crab hadn’t been dropped on its head we actually came third, so we won a cocktail, we were very pleased with ourselves!
After a lovely chilled evening we headed to bed.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of the sea and more beautiful sunshine! So we jumped out of bed, had breakfast and headed to our private patch of beach!! After another morning of reading, sunbathing and lying in hammocks we had a beautiful fish and chip lunch and charlie decided to hire out some snorkel gear.

While I carried on lying by the sea charlie was splashing around in it snorkelling for hours! When he got back he told me the reef was amazing and he had even seen a turtle and much to his disgust he also saw an octopus!!

At 3 o’clock I had a massage booked so I headed off their while charlie got dried off. The massage was amazing and being able to hear the sea in the background topped it off even more, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed in my whole life! Once the massage was finished they sit you out on the deck on the beach with a plate of fresh fruit and coconut milk, it was a lovely touch!

Once we were showered and changed we headed to dinner again, this time to my disappointment it was curry 😦 but it was fine and I did my best! After dinner however I wasn’t feeling great so we headed back to the room for an early night.

The next day was our finally day on the islands and we couldn’t have been more sad! However we had pre-planned a trip to the local boarding school which we were super excited for! We left after breakfast and took a quick boat ride to the other side of the island to where the school was situated.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by one of the school teachers who told us a little bit about how the school works before being taken to our seats outside one of the class rooms. The school started from age 6 and went up to age 14. It was made up of around 150 pupils and only 8 teachers! The pupils all came from the 3 surrounding villages and stayed there during the week and then travelled home at the weekends.

We took our seats and then all the children from classes 1-6 got up and sang us there welcome song. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Once they had finished each class took it in turns to get up and sing or dance for us! It was very cute, similar to a school assembly, and they were all very proud of themselves when there turn was over! Once they had all finished there class songs they then all got back up again and sang us there fair well song. We then had a chance to properly speak to some of the children and were amazing at how good there English was! A group of girls grabbed me and the boys grabbed charlie and wanted to show us all around each class room! It was soooooooo sweet being given a guided tour, but we only managed to spend about 2mins in each room before they all got excited again and wanted to run to the next one!! The girls also showed me there bed room which was just a large hall type room with rows of beds on the floors. After showing us around the kids had to go back to class so we were taken to a small market that had been set up by some of the local villagers.

Once we were all finished we then all got back on the boat and headed out to a couple of snorkelling spots which were ok but not the best we’ve seen. Then we were taken back to the resort for lunch and charlie and I had a quick dip in the pool before saying our goodbyes to everyone and getting on the big boat back to the main land.

It’s safe to say we did NOT want to leave octopus but it had to be done and so we made our way back to the mainland for a couple of chilled days doing nothing but washing and organising. We bumped into our crazy friend chris again so we spent one evening with him at our hostel and we also bumped into our friend Casey from mantaray island and it turned out she was on the same flight as us to NZ so we stuck together and grabbed a cab to the airport together to begin our New Zealand adventure!






Mantaray island

After all the boat issues we arrived at mantaray in the dark fairly late. Luckily the staff knew about the issues and still had dinner waiting for us which was lovely. Walking back to our room we bumped into some friends we had made at the very start on coral view island so we headed down to the bar for a couple of drinks.

We met a load of other people too, some of which were headed to new Zealand next as well so it was nice to swap plans and tips! As always when you go out and intend to only have a couple of drinks we ended up staying out till the early hours and getting pretty drunk as our crazy friend chris thought it would be a great idea to buy 3 bottles of champaign and make everyone drink it with him!!

The next morning we woke up to the sound of more rain 😦 and as I wasn’t feeling great we spent most of the morning in our room. After lunch the sun came out so we headed down to the beach for a spot of sunbathing and soaking up the sun while it lasted. Once we were showered and changed we headed up to dinner which was buffet style. As we had all had a pretty heavy night the night before we decided to just have a chilled one instead so we had a couple of cocktails and called it a night.

On our last day at mantaray we were delighted to wake up to beautiful sunshine. It was super hot and so we checked out of our room and headed straight for the beach. It was pure paradise. After laying in the sun for a while we went for a dip in the sea and the water was amazing. It was so clear and so warm, you really couldn’t ask for anything better. After another yummy lunch we headed back down to the beach as it was fish feeding time. One of the guys who worked at mantaray was handing round pieces of bread to everyone and it was as if the fish knew what time it was as they had all come right up to the edge of the water. There were tones of them, and they weren’t tinny little things either, they were about 4-5inches long and fairly see through other than the black stripes they had on there backs. Occasionally they would flip onto their sides and we realised they had silver tummies!! They went appserlutly crazy for the bread we had and all you had to do was put a corner of it in the water and they all started gabbing at it!

Once the fish feeding was over it was time to say our goodbyes and jump on the boat to our final island, octopus.







Safe Landing

We decided to go to safe landing mainly because all our food was included there and we were getting a little worried about the budget. We hadn’t heard much about it but decided to give it go!

We arrived on the island with only us and another 2 girls to discover it was only us staying in the whole resort! We were very surprised as all the other resorts we had stayed on there was at least another 20 or so people, most of the time lots more! But we figured we would use our time here to just be even more chilled out than before!

We had our lunch which was very good, and a much better portion than what we had been having on bare foot, and then were told the damming news! As they were a fairly small resort, they turned off their generator which controls everyone’s electricity at 10pm for the whole night and isn’t switched back on until 11am, it’s then back off again between 3 and 5pm, basically meaning that it’s lights out at 10 and you would have no air con or fan to keep you cool. Charlie wasn’t impressed! For him it was still warm even with a fan or air con on at night, let alone having nothing at all!

As he figured he wouldn’t get much sleep that night he decided to have a nap while I read my book. Later on I went to investigate a little when I came across the cutest little puppy ever!! As soon as charlie heard me playing with it he jumped out of bed and that was him happy for the rest of the time we were there!!

That night we had dinner with our other 2 guests and were then told we would be playing some games later. They were slightly odd games but they kept us entertained before our 10pm curfew!
That night neither of us got any sleep up all and when we did finally drag ourselves up I discovered I had been bitten 50times just on my legs as there was nothing to keep the air circulated so the mossys could just land and have a feast on me!

We decided that we needed to do something to keep us occupied so we went on the local village trip, and it’s a good job we did. It was AMAZING and actually one of our highlights of the trip so far. It only cost $10 and all the money goes to the village. We met the chief and his grandsons who was sooooooooo cute!! Next we saw the church and met some more people that lived in the village before being taken to a market that was put on just for us. We actually felt a little bad that they had gone to all that trouble just for 2 people but we both brought a bracelet and thanked them endlessly!

Then we headed back for lunch where we met our 2 new arrivals as the previous girls that had been there left in the morning while we were at the village. The newbies were a lovely couple from Finland and we got on really well. In the afternoon it started to rain a little again so we decided to try our hands at basket weaving. I’m telling you now it’s a hell of a lot harder than you would think!! You have to use one big palm leaf and use a combination of weaving and platting to make your basket! Once we were done our organiser did a coconut demonstration for us which was really interesting. We learnt that at every stage of ripeness the coconut can be used and obviously tastes different. He found us a very new one that wasn’t very ripe and inside there was only coconut milk as it hadn’t had time to grow any fruit inside it yet. Next he got us a perfect one that had both milk and fruit inside, but the fruit wasn’t what you I thought coconut was like. It was very soft and mushy, a similar texture to a lychee and tasted nothing like coconut I had ever had before! Lastly he found us an old one that once he had taken the outer shell off, looked more like the type of coconuts you get at a fair ground on the coconut shy. With these ones, if you can find the weak point, they can be opening with just your hand! And inside was both milk and the kind of coconut I had seen before. It was much harder and had to either be chopped or scrapped to be able to be eaten.
Once we had collected some of the older ones we were then each given a special scraper that we had to sit on and then scrape the coconut fruit out from the inside, a bit like a funny cheese grater. Once we had collected enough fruit the chef told us how to use this to make fresh coconut milk by adding a little water and sugar and needing it all together. She then got rid of the coconut and went and cooked the milk with some bananas, it was really yummy!!
After dinner and some more odd games we decided to call it a night and tried to sleep!

The next day we were due to leave safe landing but encountered some boat trouble of our own. At 11:30 an hour before the boat was due to arrive we were told it hadn’t even left the port yet due to technical problems and so it would be at least another 4hours until it arrived. Then at about 3:30 we were told as the boat was running so late we may have to stay another night on the island we were already at, due to the lack of sleep we had had charlie and I were both determined not to let that happen so luckily at 6:30 when the boat arrived we managed to jump on and start our manta ray island adventure!






Bare Foot and more rain!!

We also managed to convince our new friend Harry to come and join us with Paige and Casey on bare foot island so we had another nice group for the next island!

We arrived early afternoon and after being given a guided tour of our little resort were again shown to our “room”! I say “room” because it was more like a tent with a roof! It had a proper roof with a fan attached to it and the room it’s self had lights and electric sockets, but the walls and the doors of the room were more like a tent. You had to zip your self in and out of it and pull the flaps down at night like curtains! It was very cool!! What I would imagine glamping to be like!

We got settled and then headed down to the dive shop to find out what activities we could do. As it was around 4pm already we decided we would leave the proper activities to tomorrow and just grab some snorkel gear for now. We headed over to one of the 3 beaches bare foot had called sunset beach and tried but failed miserably to go for a snorkel! The tide was really low and it meant the coral was a mere millimetres from your stomach when trying to swim, which is dangerous for us and the coral. So we got out and tried clambering over some rocks to see if the water was any deeper that side. After sending poor Harry in to investigate he told us it was the same and so we gave up on the idea for that day, plus it was happy hour!!

We sat and had a couple of cocktails as the sun went down at the beach bar which was beautiful before having dinner. The food at bare foot was a bit more basic and was much smaller portions so we were a little disappointed. Once we had finished it was time for crab racing!! Charlie picked a great crab, or so we thought, so Casey picked him up to bring him over to our table, during the short trip the crab got a little exciting and tried to grab Casey, at which point she screamed and dropped him on his head! After some clear brain damage unfortunately he didn’t win, he didn’t even come close!! As we were getting over the disappointment of our rubbish crab it started to rain so we all ran back to our room and watched a movie before bed.

The next day we were up bright and early for breakfast and then headed straight out on a snorkel safari. They took us quite far out this time and was a little more professional compared to the free one on coral view, but bare foot is a marine park and they have a marine biologist on site so you would expect it to be. We again went to 2 different spots and this time the second was much better. We saw tones of coral and fish and had a lovely time.

We got back and had lunch and then Paige and Casey decided to go for a nap so charlie, Harry and I decided to go and rent out some kayaks for the afternoon. We paddled about for a while and the boys got in and did some more snorkelling while I held on to the kayaks. After a while I got a little bored so I left them too it and went back to get ready for dinner.

It started to pour AGAIN just before dinner so we had to eat inside instead. After dinner the staff were putting on another carva ceremony but this time I managed to get out of it!! After hearing some really interesting stories about how the Fijian people used to be we all decided to get an early night.

The next day Harry, Casey and Paige were due to be leaving the island in the afternoon but charlie and I had decided to stay another night. And it was a good thing we had!! It poured all day long, and I don’t just mean a light drizzle, it was full on tropical rain storms! So we spent the majority of the day in our room playing monopoly!! After lunch our new fwiends were due to leave us, but there had been some problems with the boat. They were told the boat wouldn’t be arriving for another couple of hours. So we all chilled out in the main hall where we have dinner and played cards and chatted, as it was still raining.

A few hours passed and this time when they asked where the boat was they were told that actually they had lost contact with it so they didn’t know when it would be arriving now. By this point people were starting to get a little frustrated so we all went back to our room and played MORE monopoly! It was now nearly dinner time so we all ran back to the main hall to try and get an update on the boat. This time we were told that the boat had left the harbour, but had broken down at sea and the boat that had gone to try and fix it had also broken down! Everyone was pretty pissed off as they had lost a whole day being stuck on an island because of boat problems! Eventually the boat turned up 7hours late, so we said good bye to our friends and as it was STILL raining we went and watched another movie in bed.

We woke up to more rain and got packed before checking out of our room. Our boat luckily was on time and we left before lunch to go to safe landing.








Charlie’s birthday and Coral View

The next morning was Charlie’s birthday!! We had to be up at 6:30 to grab some breakfast before heading to the port to catch the boat. Once we arrived we had to check in, a bit like at the airport and get tags for our bags so they got taken off at the right island! We had decided that it made sense for us to go to the top of the group of islands we were visiting (called the yasawas) and then make our way back down over the 2weeks. However this did mean doing a 5hour journey on the boat to begin with.

As it was Charlie’s birthday I wanted to try and surprise him by booking us into the captains lounge on the boat. You get unlimited free alcohol and snacks in there as well as it being air conditioned, has nicer seats and big flat screen tv’s as well as your own personal waitress. It meant our 5hour trip was much nicer and charlie could drink as much as he liked, what more could he want on his birthday! We also made friends with a kiwi couple called Paige and Casey who were headed to the top of the islands too but not the same one as us, but we arranged to meet them back on the boat in a couple of days!

The island we were headed to was called coral view, and was really lovely. As soon as you arrive they great you on the beach with there welcome song and a cocktail. We then had lunch, which was buffet style but beautiful and fresh before being shown to our room. After a quick afternoon nap we decided to get into island living by just sitting in a hammock and reading our books for a couple of hours…….pure bliss!!

That night was a tradition Fiji themed night and so our dinner had been cooked in a tradition smoking hole. This is where they dig a large hole in the ground and line it with hot coals. They then place whatever it is they are cooking, in our case chicken and pork, into the hole on top of the coals and cover the hole with big palm leaves. It was very interesting to see, but I wouldn’t say it was my favourite meal that we had!!

To top of the evening, the staff also put on a special dance show for us, performing a variety of different Fijian dances. I made them all aware it was Charlie’s birthday so he got a few free beers from the staff and an extra special dance!! I will post the video so you can all see it (on Facebook)! It was amazing!! Once we had finished eating and watching the show we all chilled out on the terrace and had some drinks with everyone. We made a really nice group of friends on the island and it was nice because there weren’t too many people there so we all got to know each other pretty well.

After a while we noticed some of the staff sat around a big bowl so we went over and asked what they were up to. We discovered they were drinking carva which is fiji’s version of alcohol. They do have normal alcohol too but this is a special drink which is made from the root of a plant and they drink it to get drunk. Only it’s not what most people would think of when you get drunk. It doesn’t have the same effect on you as normal alcohol, but it’s hard to explain. So everyone sat around and tried some and it was VILE!! It tasted like mud water and was really disgusting!! So I swiftly declined the next cup and went and sat back down!! We carried on drinking and had a really nice chilled evening. I think it’s safe to say charlie had a memorable birthday!!

The next day the organisers were offering a free snorkelling strip so as charlie has decided this is his new fav hobby he jumped at the chance! We headed out on a little speed boat a stopped at a couple of spots, both we fantastic!! The water was crystal clear and so warm! At the second stop we all got out at a beach and there was slightly less to see there. While we were there the weather took a turn for the worse too and started to rain. Once we headed back it cleared up though and was lovely and sunny so I decided to top up my tan while charlie had a nap.

After more snoozing in hammocks and reading we had dinner and were supposed to be having a fire dancing show that evening but as the rain had started again we weren’t able to, so instead they put on a film for us on the big projector and we all watched it while hearing the rain pouring around us outside.

The next day we had to check out in the morning and didn’t get up to much as we had to be on the boat at lunch time. As we left the staff sang us there fair well song this time.

Once we were back on the boat we met back up with Paige and Casey and decided to go with them to bare foot island next as we weren’t able to stay at long beach as we had wanted to.







A stressful start

So we had to be up early to go and catch our flight to Fiji. We had done pretty much all our packing the night before so it was just a case of putting our pj’s and wash stuff in our bags. With 10mins to go before we needed to leave to catch our train, the zip on my bag decided to break AGAIN! Those of you that know me well can imagine how this scene played out between charlie and I!! Let’s just say there were lots of whispered swear words due to everyone else in our dorm still being asleep!! We managed to fix it, just, but we’re now running a good 15mins late. It’s safe to say I was VERY stressed!!

Luckily as we ran into the train station there was a train ready and waiting to leave that we managed to jump on and made it to the airport in time!!

The flight was only supposed to be 3hours from Brisbane into Nadi but just before we were due to start our decent the captain told us that there was a big thunder storm over Nadi so we would have to circle for a while to see if it cleared otherwise we would have to land in Suva instead. After half an hour or so that captain said the weather was still to bad for us to land so we had to detour to Suva and wait for the conditions to improve.

We landed in Suva and there were a few people of our flight who were actually supposed to be getting connecting flights to Suva so to be able to let them off we all had to get off, get all the luggage off and then re-check in again on to the same plane. But first we had to wait for the imaginations officer to arrive as he was at home having dinner (or so we were told!) but he only lived 10mins away!

Once we were all back on the plane again and able to leave the flight from Suva to Nadi didn’t even take half an hour, by the time the seat belt signs were off they were back on again!! And this time we managed to land safe and sound.

We then got picked up by our awesome adventures guide and taken to smugglers cove where we were staying before getting up super early to catch the boat to our first island. As we had been delayed for quite some time on the plane charlie and I just grabbed some dinner and went to bed.

A very uneventful day I know!

Minjin swing

So back in cairns charlie and I had already pre-booked some accommodation that happened to be at the same place as a couple of our friends from our tour, so we headed over to check in and then all ant for dinner and a drink together before getting an early night.

As I said in a previous post charlie and I had managed to get two vouchers for a minjin swing so the next day we were picked up at 11am to head up there. We arrived and sat and watched a couple of other people go first. When you see them doing it, it really doesn’t look that high up, but once your up there it’s a different story! We got all strapped up and they crank you up to the right hight and then you have to pull your own cord to make you fall! Charlie an I got to do it together which is a good thing I think as I made him pull the cord, there’s no way I would have been able to do it!! It was the most amazing feeling ever!! A couple of people even said they thought it was scarier than the Bungy but we can’t compare, yet!

We had a great day, an cant thank Nathan and Hayley enough for giving us there vouchers!! Thanks guys!!

We got back to discover that my big rucksack had broken! The main zip down the front had split!! It was already 3:30pm and all the shops shut at about 5pm in cairns so charlie and I were getting ready go spend a fortune on a new bag when one of the guys we were sharing a room with, Denis, told us he was really good with zips! An odd but very useful talent! And luckily for us he managed to fix it!! Saving us a huge $450 which is what it would have cost to buy a new bag the same size!! Denis we are eternally grateful!!

The next morning we had to leave at 4am to catch our flight back to Brisbane which is where we are flying out of to Fiji!

It was valentines day while we were in Brisbane and charlie and I stumbled upon the most amazing chocolate shop EVER!! It ha everything you could ever possibly want covered in chocolate, as well as chocolate fondant, chocolate drinks (hot and cold) CHOCOLATE EVERYTHING!!! It was literally the most amazing place I’ve ever been to! So charlie and i decided a there was so much on the menu that we wanted, rather than going for a nice dinner later we would spend the money here!! It was SOOOOOOOO worth it!!! By the Time we finished i was in Chocolate coma!! Genuinely couldn’t move for a good 10mins!!

Apart from that couple of days we spent in Brisbane were just spent organising stuff so I won’t bore you with the details!

It’s sad to say goodbye to aus, we have had the most amazing time, met some awesome people and it’s been the best start to our trip possible! But now it’s Fiji time!!











Cairns and sad farewell

After our long drive and strange encounter with a man that appeared from no where asking to film us all on the coach, we arrived in cairns. Once we had all battled for the shower and got ready we had a free evening for a few of us headed to the nigh market for some dinner, also our friend Nathan had decided he wanted a life size cuddly koala teddy so we had a browse for that too. After a couple of hours of searching an having no luck we headed back for an early night, as we had to be up super early again in the morning.

The next day, bright and early we headed out on a much nicer and bigger boat to the great barrier reef. Everyone of our group had decided to do this trip too so it was a really lovely way of spending some time together before most people left the next day 😦

We arrived at our first stop and despite the choppy water we all put our stinger suites on and jumped in. The crew on the boat were great and took us over to the better spots and showed us where nemo lives! Even through the weather was great to start off with and the water was pretty rough we still swam around for hours before heading back to the boat. Just before lunch the crew took out the glass bottom boat for us and we got to see even more as the area he took us too was really shallow. Once we had a great seafood lunch we went to a calmer area for our next snorkelling session. This time we anchored up and then all jumped in the glass bottom boat which took us out to a much shallower part. When we got out the boat we were all astounded to discover just how shallow the water was! We were in the middle of the ocean at the great barrier reef but the water was only coming up to our ankles! It was amazingly bizzar!! We paddled to a deeper area and this time we saw double the amount than we did the first time. I got to hold a star fish and a sea cucumber, I saw a giant clam that was probably as big as me! I saw 3 different kinds of nemos as well as a turtle! It was AMAZING!! One of the best parts of the whole trip I’d say and would 100% recommend it! Once everyone was finished we got back on board and went back to the harbour.

That night we were all going for our last meal together as one big group and then off to a pub crawl around cairns. The pub crawl was so much fun and we ended up going to 5 different location each one with its own drinking game. We all got hammered and had a great night!

The next day we had a free day so most of us spent it passed out due to our hang overs or down by the pool. After a nap Charlie and I decided to go to the shops as we needed to get a new hand luggage bag as Charlie’s had fallen to pieces. FYI mountain warehouse are SHIT!! Don’t ever buy anything from them!!

That night was due to be far more tame as a few of the group had already flown to there next destination or home, but we headed back out to the woolshed again (one of the bars from the night before) for dinner and $7 jugs of cocktails before dancing on the tables all night! They were holding a dance competition that night for the best dancer with a chance to win a free minjin swing. A minjin swing is similar to a Bungy jump only rather than being tied at the feet you are lying flat like super man, and rather than falling head first you drop and then swing back up.

The competition was hilarious and our good friends Nathan and Hayley won. The only problem for them was that they were both headed home the next day and the voucher was only valid for the next 2weeks. Because of this, Nathan, the sweet heart that he is, gave us his voucher as once we are done in the jungle we still have 2 more days left in cairns where we could use it. So as we had one voucher we figured we should get the other one from Hayley who had already asked if we wanted to buy hers. So we manage to get 2 vouchers for $40 which was AMAZING!! The end of the night got a tad emotional as everyone said there goodbyes and promising to meet up again one day. We made such a great group of friends and it will be odd dropping down to just 9 of us to go up to the rainforest but I’m sure we will still have loads of fun!






Busy week

So our extra night in Sydney actually turned out to be quite eventful! Once we checked into our new hotel and found out it had an in door pool along with jacuzzi and sauna we all decided to go for a swim!! Was so nice to be off the coach and just chilling out. Then a few of the girls volunteered their room for everyone to drink in before we went for dinner. Drinking games started and it’s safe to say I was pretty drunk before we even left the hotel!! However I wasn’t the only one and it meant the walk to the restaurant was far more entertaining!! En-route my welsh friend Ashley and I needed the toilet, we were fairly towards the front of the group so thought we had plenty of time to run in somewhere. When we came out the group was no where to be found!! We spent the next 10mins wondering around darling harbour asking random people if they had knew where stacks was (the restaurant we should have been in by now!) only to discover no one knew where it was, eventually a slightly tipsy charlie must have noticed I was missing as we got a call and some directions from him!! Was all very entertaining at the time!!!
Then at the restaurant I ordered steak only to find out I had to cook it myself on a giant hot plate, doing so while intoxicated was very difficult!!

After we ate we all headed back to the hotel where we were supposed to carry on drinking back at the girls room, however one of them wanted to sleep, so a mr Lucas thought it would be a great idea to put forward his room for the after party!! We all had a great time and got pretty smashed, but luckily I snuck out at a semi reasonable hour before more drinking games commenced.
The next day however we had to b up early to catch our flight up to the gold coast. Unsurprisingly enough charlie was the last person down, was late for the bus and held everyone up, I wanted to die!!
We jumped on the flight and arrived to sunshine which lifted everyone’s moods, it lift Charlie’s mood so much that he left his brand new kindle fire on the plane!! Luckily when we got on the bus I asked to use his so he managed to run back and get it!!
We arrived at Byron bay and headed straight up to a beautiful little light house which was the most easternly part of Australia. We then checked in and then we all headed down to the beach to enjoy the sun while it lasted!! That night we all cooked our own dinner as we were staying at nomads which is more of a hostel than a hotel so it had a kitchen. After we had eaten we headed down to cheeky monkeys bar which is know as the travels bar. When we got there we discovered that they had some crazy competition on where all the girls could get their boobs painted with their countries flag to win a free skydive! Needless to say I did NOT partake, however a couple of the girls in our group did and one of them actually won!!
The next day we drove down to an animal sanctuary which was quite sweet, we saw all the same sorts of animals that we did at the zoo just on a scaled down version but it meant we got another chance to feed the kangaroos and a few of these ones actually had joeys in there pouches which was exciting! Once we were done we headed up to surfers paradise where we had a very exciting evening planned!! We arrived early evening and got changed before headed to Dracula’s which is a theatre show. It was AMAZING!! It had a similar set up to the moulin rouge where there is no real running story just lots of little segments, but it was so funny and something I would ALWAYS recommend someone to go if they are in the area.
The next day we were due to have a surfing lesson but due to the rough seas it was cancelled so they put on a paddle boarding session instead. As charlie and I had already done this in mooloolaba we decided against paying for the lesson but did decide to just rent a board instead so that we could show off to everyone how easy it was haha!!
That evening we decided to all have a group BBQ at the hotel we were at which was lovely!! We all brought a tone of food and had a huge feast!!
The next day we were up super early AGAIN and headed to Brisbane for a couple of hours before heading further north to noosa.
Almost as soon as we arrived in noosa we had one of the funniest moments of the whole trip. We were strolling down to the beach when I spotted someone who look just like Charlie’s friend jack, as we got closer I noticed that actually it was Charlie’s friends jack and Harry who have been in aus for the last year. We had no idea they were going to be there and had no plans to see them!! But I’ve also not seen charlie that happy since the trip began!!
We hung out with them for a while before having to go for dinner!! But that night we took a couple of the girls to their house party and had lots of fun!
The next day we had to be up crazy early as we were heading out on 4×4’s to Fraser island.
The island was beautiful And after we had been for a quite a distressing treck we went to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, lake Mckenzie
It was AMAZING!! We had lunch there and then headed to our questionable accommodation!! Once we settled in we headed down to the beach to watch the sun go down which was very romantic!
However the next day I woke up with about a million mossy bites which was very irritating!!
From hear we are heading to a farm and then sailing to the Whitsunday’s for a couple days which should be great!