Wellington, barmy army and te papa

We arrived into Wellington early evening and the bus dropped us in town, so charlie and I jumped in a cab and headed up to Nathan’s house.

The taxi driver was lovely and gave us some great tips about what to do while in Wellington. After a quick but steep drive, we arrived at Nathan’s beautiful uni house. The house is sat on top of a hill that looks out over the whole of Wellington, the view was incredible! Once we had dumped our millions of bags we sat down and had a good old catch up.

A couple of hours later Nathan gave us the option of him cooking or going out for some food, but we decided to have a quite on and spend some time with Nathan rather than going out, so he began dinner, following his house mates strict instructions! Not long after Nathan had started his house mate arrived home to discover his blender smoking and so quickly took over!!

Dinner was amazing and we were all so full we couldn’t move! So we set up camp in front of the tv and had a chilled night in. It was actually really nice to have a break from drinking every night and be staying in a home rather than a hostel!

The next morning, despite being able to lie in charlie woke up bright and early as we had decided to try and see if we could get tickets to the cricket as we weren’t able to go to the rugby. After we had spoken to everyone else we made our way down around lunch time to see what the situation was. We managed to get tickets fairly cheep so we headed in to watch the match. We were really lucky with the weather as it was a beautiful day and England were winning too so we couldn’t have asked for much more!

Towards the end of the match we decided that as it was our only full day in Wellington we should also go to the famous interactive museum. We headed down there and managed to get 2 hours in before it shut. It was really cool and very interesting.

Once we were all done we went to meet Nathan and his house mate for a quick drink before dinner. Charlie and I said we would treat them both to dinner to say thank you for having us, so Nathan’s house mate suggested a great little Italian place. We head a great meal and once we were done we headed out to a couple of really cools bars for a few drinks. We had also arranged to try and meet our other friends that live in Wellington but unfortunately we couldn’t. After a while we headed back to Nathan’s, after charlie got himself an ice cream as we had to be up early again to catch the bus down to the ferry port to head south.

It was so lovely being able to spend time with Nathan though, and thanks again for having us, you guys are the best!!